QUOTES web site is off line.

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    Or Malaysia? Or Costa Rica?

    There are way of making them talk...


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    Things have been going on concerning Quotes site.

    Quotes will be making an annoucement about his site. When that will be I do not know.


  • jstalin

    If necessary, I'm prepared to facilitate getting the site moved to an anonymous offshore web host.

  • FaithfulDoubter

    Aren't the older quotes under expired copyright? The older quotes where far more interesting to me anyway, with the exception of the 1975 madness. I thought this was how certain parties got away with selling CD-ROMs of old watchtower literature et al. IIRC, anything prior to 1923 is wide open, and anything from 1923-1963 is wide open IF (big IF) the copyright was not renewed w/ the US. Which means that those pages can be posted in the US free and clear. (Knowing the Society, and how methodical they can be, I'm pretty sure the copyrights where renewed, but someone will have to check.) The later stuff is a definate no-no, although I've read that as a general guideline parts can be posted so long as they are under a certain percentage and the goal is to provide commentary and so on. IANAL, YMMV, etc..

  • greendawn

    Didn't the Watchtower want to sue him for $100 000 for copyright infringement?

  • Gerard
    Didn't the Watchtower want to sue him for $100 000 for copyright infringement?

    Yes. But more than copyright infringement was the acusation that the WT quotes were [sic] "embarrasing" to themselves. There was some Lovin' Christian intimidation going on...

  • greendawn

    If I remember well they made some queer accusations against the Canadian website owner, that he had revealed confidential info contained in their CD and that they had sustained damage to their reputation, one wonders what kind of confidential info there is on a publicly distributed CD and how their reputation got damaged out of mere quotations from their own publications.

    In addition how can a supposedly non profit organisation sustain financial losses, due to "quotes" in this case.

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    http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/11/98096/12.ashx original quotes vs. watchtower thread 41,000 views

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