What exactly is not allowed

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  • mrsjones5
    Women do have a different nature to men in certain aspects and one off those happens to involve how to deal with sex.

    The women you have known perhaps, that certainly wouldn't cover all women.


  • under74

    good freakin lord, I'm a woman and I've lived with men my whole life. I'm sick of jackasses telling how different I feel even though my closest confidants have been male...trust me on this...it's not all that different.

    Anyway...this is off topic. i started another thread having to do with this topic. Find it if you want to...

  • fairchild


    Read stevenyc's post carefully. Every word of it is true, but if he would sum up all the things you are not allowed to do, he would have to write a book or something.

    Here are some more..

    No gambling (not even raffle tickets)

    Don't think about buying some neat stuff at a church sale. Not allowed. No more shopping at the salvation army either.

    Don't wear the new jeans you just bought to a meeting. Must wear a skirt or a dress, which you probably already know.

    no smoking

    "communion" is only once a year, but make sure not to take part, it's only for a few select ones.

    Be careful what you read, which movies you watch, which kind of music you listen to..

  • stillAwitness


    You're only 16? Girl you're so young! But I guess you're in love and I was there once. Actually, at 22 I think I'm still there now.

    Anyway, if you are just studying for your boyfriend's approval which I am guessing you are because I did not stop bugging my bf when I was 17 till he finally caved in and started studying; then I urge you to stop while you're ahead.

    But only you know yourself. As far as the rules.. yeah basically what everyone is saying:

    -no petting of body parts, oral sex, sex period (but duh), touching of privates, gotta be careful about being too affectionate in public, etc.

    Think of a nun being in a relationship with the Pope.

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