just wrapped my first christmas gift...

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  • Billygoat

    I LOVE wrapping gifts! My first few years of holidays, my gifts were HORRIBLE! LOL! But with a little practice and time, I quickly learned how to do it. I even asked my roomies back then to let me wrap their gifts. Of course, they hated wrapping gifts, so they let me do it.

  • deeskis

    I haven't wrapped any of mine yet. I buy things all through the year then stash them so the kids can't find them. Now I have to remember where, and what they are. I guess I should keep a list to remind myself. (once when I cleared up under the stairs I found a game I bought for my son about four years before, then forgot about!! my nephew got it that year.......

    But I do love wrapping presents.......remember it's the thought that counts, not how it's wrapped.

    have a good one


  • mkr32208

    HARDER THAN IT LOOKS ISN'T IT! I've been wrapping gifts for years for anniversaries and such but I cheated! Back when I started I got mine wrapped at the store a few times and watched very very very closely so I can do it pretty well now (not great but good enough!) I'll tell you the biggest two tricks I've learned;

    1) Use a large flat CLEAN surface (nothing like a perfectly wrapped gift with jelly all down one side...)

    2) Don't use the CHEEEEEEEP paper! It rips too easily, folds terribly, and if tape even gets NEAR it it falls apart!

    Reminds me of a funny story. My m-i-l collects that blue English pottery... Cant think of the name but it's pretty pricey and she only has a few pieces so I bought her a a teapot made of it (she collects teapots too, British don't you know... They're all a bit spotty if you ask me!) So anyway I put it in a really stout little box with packing peanuts and duct taped the CRAP out of it! Then over the duct tape I put nice paper then put that into a slightly larger box and duct taped and nice papered again. Anyway I did that about 5 times using about 3 ENTIRE ROLLS of duct tape and progressivly larger boxes and on each box I put a card (keep trying, almost there, don't give up now etc) anyway it took her at least 30 min to open this thing. She had two knifes and a pair of scissors and she was starting to find the whole thing less than funny (of course we were all rolling) but she's really opening the last box or two rather roughly (but it was in peanuts so I wasn't worried) but she opens the last box and sees it and just burst out crying and was just so happy then she stopped and was like "OH MY GOD YOU WERE LETTING ME HIT THE BOXES OFF THE TABLE TO OPEN THIS!" It was great! She later told me it was far and away the best present she ever received in her life! This is a great trick if it's a present that you KNOW they will love!

  • Billygoat
    My m-i-l collects that blue English pottery... Cant think of the name but it's pretty pricey


  • wildhare

    Yea same here. I will be wrapping my first Christmas gifts this year. On top of that I will be wrapping my first birthday gifts for my daughter who has her birthday the day before Christmas. Lots of fun but they do look very newbi like lol.

  • Nosferatu

    I think the first time I wrapped a gift was when I was 18 and had a girlfriend around christmas time. What a pain!!! I'm a bit better at it now.

    Just wrapped a Xmas gift for an ex-JW buddy. I signed it from Me and Jehovah :)

  • fullofdoubtnow

    I have wrapped Christmas gifts this year for the first time since 1980, so I am not completely new to it, just out of practice. It was fun though, and I did enjoy it. I enjoyed sending and receiving cards as well.

  • Robert K Stock
    Robert K Stock

    I just wrapped a Christmas present for the first time!

    It isn't pretty but I am sure my girlfriend will recognize the thought behind it.

    I am looking forward to unwrapping all the presents under the tree and celebrating Christmas with people I love.

  • Ingenuous

    Am I the only one who got plenty of practice wrapping anniversary gifts?

    Though I can't take any credit for this year's (my first year) Christmas gifts - I got them done free at Borders.

  • Honesty

    I had some issues with getting the wrapping paper tight enough so... I bought a bunch of those pretty bags with corded handles and some Christmas tissue paper. Works like a charm and looks nice too.


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