One of my pastors just called...

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  • bebu
    After I got off the phone with him I didnt feel guilty or scared or depressed...I felt loved.

    What a contrast. I get occasional emails from the pastor just to tell me that the church staff is praying for my mom.


  • forsharry

    I'm glad you were able to experience that.

    Even though I don't believe, I went with a friend to a catholic mass one was after my mother had a serious stroke and i was very depressed (this was before the meds.) I think it was so that my friend could watch over me to be honest...but they did something I was blown away by...the priest began a prayer, and then parishoners chimed in, and my friend standing next to me piped up, "And please, pray for Hope's mother who recently suffered a stroke, pray that she recovers and to pray for continued strength for her family during this difficult time." I couldn't help it. I started to sob. Here were people saying amen to a personal plea...the guy standing next to me gave me a hug.

    That's how it should be. if people are going to buy the whole god is love, blah blah blah stuff of the bible, then it should show in their deeds and in their works. I'm glad you were able to experience a loving call versus a dubaroo court. Very nice experience indeed!

  • shera13

    Hi Mrs. Jones!! Its nice to hear something so sincere and refreshing, if u dont mind my asking, what denomination is this religion that your involved with?? Im looking for some type of worship, so Im curious.....thanks.........

  • Sheepish

    Yeah! Just like it's supposed to be. I especially like going to (in my case a non-denominational) church and singing some good music rather than the stilted Kingdom Hall stuff. If you find a good one, it is a wonderful community experience-not the deadly JW thing.You also have a great opportunity to express yourself in ways you never could with the JWs. Like picking what you feel you should do, not what you HAVE to do, as far as service to others is concerned. Course you don't need a church for that, but it's an added bonus if you do.

  • JH

    If there would be love in the first place, maybe less people would leave

  • fullofdoubtnow

    One of my neighbours goes to a Church nearby, and she just couldn't believe hoe the jws treated me when I was first having doubts. When I told her that my case was no exception, and they treat anyone who questions anything like that, she was dumbfounded. She said nothing like that happens in her Church. If someone misses a few meetings, the minister phones or calls to see if they are ill or need anything. There is no emotional blackmail or threats, just kind words of encouragement. It seems to me that the jws could learn from people like these ones, who show genuine love for their flock, then maybe they wouldn't be losing so many members.

    But of course, they won't learn.

  • juni

    Heh Mrs. Jones!

    How was your Christmas? Yeah. Wasn't that nice not to be bullied or made to be felt like dog poop? I don't go to any church. Tried 2 times. One was a Lutheran church. Went there right after getting the stare down at the Hall. People were really nice and they even had a luncheon that Sunday, but I found it very formalistic and void. Pastor was fakey and unfriendly. Just too many bad vibes from people in charge. And second try was at a non denominational. People were pretty much a clique and pastor was very pushy to win me over. He even came to my work to talk. I didn't need that all over again. I'm sure it's different in other churches or maybe even the same religion. I guess you just have to find what works for you.

    Have a good new year and I'll continue posting here along with you. Juni~~~~~~~~~~~~

  • Honesty

    Isn't it amazing how the very ones we helped villify while in the cult are the first ones to offer words of encouragement to us when we're down and out. When people love and worship Jesus they can't help but love people, too.

  • Billygoat

    (((Josie))) I'm so glad you've found such a great church home. There are more out there than the JWs would like to admit. My church is similar. If you're missing or going through hard times, people are always very quick to jump in and encourage with NO hidden agenda or guilt trips. It really is the way it should be.

  • under74

    That's a nice thing. There are good people all around, right?

    You know, I'm not a believer and although I've had my share of problems with people claiming to be Christian I know all aren't the same.
    Christmas day my family decided to get together at my older sister's place since she's the only one with kids. She was "born-again" about 8 years ago and became really vocal about how if the rest of us weren't saved we wouldn't go to heaven and all that kind of stuff. It was hard to be around her, and even though her church-going fell off a bit, she sometimes still is.
    So, anyway, on Sunday she invited the pastor from this new church to come over and he did. It felt kind of strange at first, mainly because my family and I were feeling ambushed...but we all acted like it was nothing. I ended up getting into a conversation with the pastor and we talked for nearly an hour...not about god or religion, but other things. When we all sat down for lunch and started talking, my sister suddenly blurts out that I'm an aethiest. But without an awkward moment passing, this pastor told my sister it didn't matter what I believed because he thought from our conversation I was a good person. And he said something about how god didn't need for people to believe because god knew what was in people's hearts--whether it was good or bad...and he added that even some of the worst people can redeem themselves and they didn't need to say they believed in god to do so. He believed that was all god's work but god didn't need his name mentioned in all his work.

    It wasn't something that changed my mind about god- but it was nice to hear and nice for me to know my sometimes-semi-fanatic sister had to hear... even if I know she was thrown off and I know still pissed I didn't get a talking to from her new preacher.

    So,'s nice not to have dedicated people of religion come at you but rather generally care and act like humanbeings rather than recruiters.

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