One of my pastors just called...

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  • LittleToe

    It stands in stark contrast to our previous experience of religion, huh?

    I'm sickened over all the years I castigated hard-working pastors, without really having a clue what they did.

    Glad you had a good experience and felt like sharing it

  • mrsjones5

    Hi Shera,

    I attend a non-denominational church. Starting attending after I and my kids were invited to a church party called a back to school blow out. Was then invited to the Sunday service and have been going ever since. Warm and loving people at my church.


  • mrsjones5
    this pastor told my sister it didn't matter what I believed because he thought from our conversation I was a good person. And he said something about how god didn't need for people to believe because god knew what was in people's hearts--whether it was good or bad...and he added that even some of the worst people can redeem themselves and they didn't need to say they believed in god to do so. He believed that was all god's work but god didn't need his name mentioned in all his work.

    What a cool and wise pastor.

  • mrsjones5

    HI Juni,

    Christmas was cool. The kids didnt get everything on their lists but what they got they're pretty happy with. I got a few cool things too and I was able to give my husband something that he really loves. We then went to Ohio to see family and had a nice time.

    Even though I attend a church I really dont think attendance is necessary for faith, but it is nice for fellowship and community, that being said I do really love my church.


  • Sheepish

    Exactly mrsjones! In my experience, you can't talk someone into a faith. You can answer questions (if you have answers) you can encourage, but if you just argue them down and push them to join, what good is it? By the very definition of God, he'll know whether you really believe or not, so who are you really fooling? He is the one that draws people to him, not pushy religious zealots, or even well meaning evangelical Christians. If people can't see your faith at work in your life, all the talking in the world isn't really going to convince them, not when the rubber meets the road anyway.

  • juni

    Heh Josie,

    I'm happy that you found something that brings you joy and community into your life. Your family will be so much better off. They will grow up not with negativity - us versus them mentality - but will have empathy for others and be sympathetic to peoples' faults. Juni~~~~~~~~~~

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