One of my pastors just called...

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  • mrsjones5

    to see how I was since it's been a while since I've been at my church. He didnt call to ask if I still believed in God. He didnt call to ask if I doubted that he and the other pastors represented God. He didnt call to bully me to go to the next service. He called to say that I had been missed, he hopes he will see me at the next service, was there anything that I wanted or needed to pray about, if I needed anything to just call and they would help in any way possible.

    After I got off the phone with him I didnt feel guilty or scared or depressed...I felt loved.


  • luna2

    I'm not interested in religion any more, but that seems a lot more loving and genuine than anything coming out of the WTS!

  • 2112

    It feels good, doesn't it?


    and that's the way it should always be done! Thanks for sharing that with us!


  • carla

    aww, that's nice.

  • AlmostAtheist
    After I got off the phone with him I didnt feel guilty or scared or depressed...I felt loved.

    Dang "hired shepherds", they just don't care about the flock, do they? Unlike our loving elders...


  • Finally-Free

    You mean he didn't ask you for your monthly reportâ„¢, or to come and clean restrooms at the hall or shovel snow or donate food or money? He didn't ask you to do a substitute talk on the school? He didn't invite you to a kangaroo court? He didn't accuse you of doing anything wrong?

    Nice, isn't it?


  • desbah

    I'm happy for you

    it's feels good to know your pastor cares enough for you to give you a call, you are loved.

    Merry Christmas


  • Crumpet

    That is nice mrs jones! I have been thinking just vaguely about going to my local non demoninational church - just to mix with nice genuine people not to worship as such. But Mr C would go ballistic! It just always looks dead welcoming and friendly with a whole area that is just a modern coffee shop. A chap up the road that we've made friends with lost his wife to cancer last year - about the same age as me leaving behind two gorgeous little girls and he says that they have really helped him. Of course he does want to believe in god and heaven but he says that people are very wlecome to turn up and whether your beliefs are the same or not doesnt matter...

    but anyway you are right - that is how it should be!

  • Effervescent

    Isn't it wonderful?!? Kinda makes you feel sorry for all the JW's laboring under their taskmasters...

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