Does the King Kong movie have racist overtones?

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  • G Money
    G Money

    Saw the film today with me mate. It sucked and I was fallin asleep. Drinking before didn't help. I just wished the main character had a bigger nose, it wasn't so obvious that the saviour of the world and only smart one loved by the cute white girl was a ... $$$

  • barry

    Isnt that the movie with that Aussie shella in it ? Its the Aussie accent Kong Likes not the colour thing. I havent seen the movie yet Barry

  • barry

    Isnt that the movie with that Aussie shella in it ? Its the Aussie accent Kong Likes not the colour thing. I havent seen the movie yet Barry

  • Enigma One
    Enigma One

    I'm half latin. Saw no racist tones in the movie. It's a freaking remake. Enough said.

  • Naturist

    I think tat sums it up!

  • Naturist

    Hi Hampsterbait, You're very forthright with your facts. Personally I tend to agree with this guy: "I'm half latin. Saw no racist tones in the movie. It's a freaking remake. Enough said." Quite eloquently put I think. Interesting though the reaction you get when you mention race and racism. You go to great lengths to try and prove that race is not an issue, but I think that your post proves just the opposite. Race is a very big issue, more so for whites then for blacks I think. And they use to say that black people have got a chip on their shoulder :^) Think about it!

  • Crumpet

    i watched it the other night having seen the title of this thread but not read it for fear of spoilers (guess I should have remembered it was a remake so there was nothing to spoil). Anyway I was in a cinema with a predominantly black audience and I think I was the only one looking uncomfortable with all the freaky black zombies with bizarre body piercings. If i hadn't read the title of this thread I doubt I would have thought about it all.

    And mkr - I;ve read many of the original Tarzans by Edgar Rice Borroughs - I didnt observe any racism in there either but I read them about 15 years ago before political correctness about racism got so popular so thats probably why. I loved those books and its nice to hear from someone else who has read them too!

  • Abaddon


    I'm going to make this my last lengthy reply to you. I think you are being obstinate and take no regard of what non-whites have to say about their portrayal in the most important film industry.

    Spectrum, you are not the voice of the black people the world (are you black? not that it matters). You are the one ignoring black people generally saying there isn't a big problem with racism in movies. Am I obstinate? Nope, just not impressed by your argument. Ya think I don=';t notice the issues I've raised you avoid?

    "Showing black people living in South Central L.A. breaking various laws is not racist. Black people live in South Central LA and break various laws. Portrayal is not racist. "

    True, but when you keep banging at it you start to see a pattern, it is racist pattern.

    Eye roll. No, it is a commercial pattern. Ignoring valid points about the commercial factors of film making doesn't make your argument better, it makes it look like you are ignoring valid points.

    "Now, if a movie is ridiculing the black people, if it is presenting them all as stupid, amoral, uneducated, then it's portrayal has a spin on it that does not fit with reality, and you're right to say it has racist attitudes."

    That's what I've saying all along. Goodmorning.

    Your standard for a "spin on it that does not fit with reality" is very different from that of most people.

    "But if the white and black people portrayed are indistinguishable in their 'individual worth' (corrupt cops of all colours versus low-down dirty gang-bangers from the Hispanic and black community for example), then it ISN'T racist."

    True, for the nth time the problem is when it is overdone.

    And YOUR perception is that it often IS, and my perception, and that of the majority of posters is that it is NOT. Not that the number of people in agreement matters in a discussion where there is a determinable 'correct' conclusion. But this is just opinions based on perceptions and you are in a minority of posters regardless of colour.

    "WHICH directors conform to your description "produce a string of negative stereotyping films to report on the state of our society" so as to "reminded whose "good" and whose "bad""?"

    Hollywood mate.

    Now your argument has trancended weak and reached the giddy heights of pathetic. You know your argument is so weak you're not willing to name names. Case closed.

    "Are you saying ANY portrayal of Gobels is wrong as it will spread his attitudes? Or that only portrayals sympatheitic with his world view are wrong?"

    Good question. Showing constant portrayals sympathethic to Gobel's world view would be totally unacceptable to those that run Hollywood. They'ed cut their throats before they did that.

    Ah, you really have a wad in your pants about Jews don't you? Sheeesh... and you're saying Hollywood are racist, so that makes it okay to be racist back at them? And you avoid answering the question, which is so credible, LOL.

    However hollywood doesn't find it unacceptable to portaying their own racist views of Blacks, NA, Hispanics and now muslims at a constant predictable rate.

    Yet, having stated this was a deliberate concerted campaign, you fail when asked to even try to prove your assertions. As they are just hot air. Wither credibility? Or withering credibility?


    A predominantly WHITE society representing corrupt WHITE cops is not much of an issue.

    So you can portray white cops like that, but if you do it with a black cop it is racist? Hmmmm... that attitude is arguably in itself is racist! "
    Most certainly not. It's your logic you need to check.

    What are you saying "certainly not" to? Are you saying you CAN portray corrupt black cops without it being racist? Or that imposing a standard whereby negative dipiction of blacks is outlawed, but you can portray what you like about white people is not racist?

    "You seem to miss that movies are commercial, so they have to make money, so they have to attract movie-goers."

    Absolutely you are right but at the expense of the reputation and constant bad mouthing of these groups.

    I think criminal cultures ruin their own reputation.

    "A thought occurs to me - as you freely admit you don't see all of movies, maybe you miss the contextualising bit?"

    No chance.

    Ah, of course, you know the bits of the movies you don't see are also racist. LOL. Clarivoyant as well! Is there no begining to your talents?

    "Most people here (majority white, majority American) think your attitude in this are is daft and that what you see as racism isn't. "

    I wouldn't have expected a different outcome.

    And you obviously don't care most black people expressing opinions here ALSO think you are going too far. Sheeesh...

    "Please tell me exactly how, with your standards, one can ever portray a black person in a movie doing something wrong without it being racist?"

    Very simple. Don't over do it.

    They don't over do it. They just make commercial movies. There's no point in explaining it to you again.

    "Your standards for the portrayal of black people in movies are racist, as if applied they would put a lot of black actors (who don't feel they are Uncle Toming) out of work, purely because a over-senstive and highly imaginative minority are so eager to take offense.
    You also, without anything more than your say-so, are accusing Hollywood Directors and Producers of a concerted campaign of portraying black people in a negative light. Great conspiracy theory - as asked for earlier, please put some meat on the bones and give actual examples. "

    The minority takes offense, believe it.

    Yes, the minority of the minority and the minority of the majority.

    and now good muslim friends of mine that hasn't taken offense from racist hollywood

    Nah, not letting you bloat the claim by adding Msulims in at this stage. Your claims were made regarding black people, with Hispanics added in as an after thought.

    Nice... you still avoid commenting on films which according to your argument would be racist to Italians or German, as you're smart enough to realise that such examples make your absolutist stance silly. You avoid answering how come YOUR opinion is good enough to put black people out of work (as would happen if films were forced to comply with your desires). You avoid responding to the very valid point that even IF you are right, bitching about movies is not going to change the social ills of society.

    Your argument is purile; will alienated educationally disenfranchised black kids be saved from a life of crime by not seeing movies such as those you object to? NO. Will white people support measures decreasing social inequality if they don't see movies such as those you object to? NO.

    Actually doing something to reduce alienation and educational disenfranchisement, actually doing something to reduce social inequality - those are the things that will effect change. Of course these things might not be attractive to you as they are difficult things to do, and are free of the immediate gratification one can get from casting oneself in the role of racial conscience of the nation (even if they disagree with you). I notice you avoid answering whether you vote or not, as if you don't then your entire attitude is self-engrandising bullshit.

    My, my. A racist industry run predominantly by Jews

    Evidence please. Unless you can prove the film industry mostly is run by Jews, your claim here is as racist as false claims that black people are less intelligent or more violent than white people.

    Anti-semetic charges are water off a ducks back for me. It's cheap. I call things the way I see them.

    And when questioned about your worrying attitudes towards Jews you fail to provide any evidence to back up your claims... or even THINK for one second about the fact you're repeating claims made by nazi apologists!

    Anyway Abaddon I like to concentrate on that reply to the evolution thread. Hope you are still talking to me.

    I think ending this discussion is an excellent idea, as I have no intention of asking you the questions you've ducked out of answering again, or asking for evidence for your claims again. Of course I am still talking to you. This is a discussion; I might give you a hard time but if I talk out my ass I expect nothing less. I'll still stand you a drink.

    Please don't evade answering questions in the evolution discussion though; your initial response (as my reply indicated) boded very well for an enjoyable and interesting conversation, but I'll will try to keep to and will expect you to play fair; if I can't answer a question I'll say so and expect the same from you.

  • Crumpet

    I should add - everyone banging on about racism in movies should watch Crash - I think that handles racism (a little cheesily) but interestingly.

  • trevor


    Reading through your posts I can see that you consider yourself to be adept with words. You seem to be trying to apply logic to the debate, but your detailed dissection of other people’s remarks fails to achieve the clarity and focus that so many words ought to. Often your retorts do not match the comments you are responding to. Also you name calling and obvious contempt for others in the discussion does not help towards progress.

    Sorry no gold stars for you this time Happy Christmas Teacher

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