Does the King Kong movie have racist overtones?

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  • Spectrum


    "Reading through your posts I can see that you consider yourself to be adept with words. You seem to be trying to applying logic to the debate, but your detailed dissection of other people’s remarks fails to achieve the clarity and focus that so many words ought to. Often your retorts do not match the comments you are responding to. Also you name calling and obvious contempt for others in the discussion does not help towards progress."
    Obviously I can't help but agree with you. I had a good friend I worked with who had an impressive physical presence and a voice to match which he always used to intimidate anyone that didn't agree with him. You knew someone was being basted by him from a 100m radius! If you knew him you knew he was harmless with it. I take abaddon in this way. However like you, i feel that he stretches his analogies too far from the points being made.
    I'm sure abaddon is going to lay into me when he reads this. Hang on .......... OK I've got my flack jacket on. Go for it abaddon.

  • trevor


    How did I know you would agree with me! I have had to edit my own post for spelling errors - teachers aren’t what they used to be. I am standing in the corner with my party hat on, waiting to be disciplined.

  • Spectrum

    " I am standing in the corner with my party hat on, waiting to be disciplined."
    LOL!! Just keep your back to the wall mate!

  • Naturist

    Hi Crumpet,

    You sound really comfortable "in your skin", pardon the pun :^) I tend to agree, there is probably nothing inherently racists about the KK movie or the books you enjoyed as a child. Yet when the issue of race is raised people become very defensive.

    Racism is clearly a reality yet it is almost as if the subject is taboo. Why is that? I'm black and some black people do adopt the victim role and see racists lurking in every corner. What is more interesting to me however is the reaction of white people to the subject of race. You can't generalise but invariably the reaction is to go into a state of denial - almost as if racism doesn't exist.

    On this forum we've heard all sorts of explanations why racism isn't a problem in Hollywood "these days". Yet none of us are in a position to judge the inner thoughts and motives of others.

    As a white person, why do you think it is that some one like you are so clearly comfortable with the subject of race and others aren't? Do you agree with my analysis and can you shed some light?


  • CaptainSchmideo
    However, I noticed that the Broadway production that Black's character put on stage went much further into stereotypical territory of depicting the natives, which made me think that Jackson was trying to make fun of those old Hollywood stereotypes as much as draw on them....

    Long time, frequent watcher fans of the 1933 version immediately recognized this scene as a recreation/tribute to the "ceremony scene" from the original. The costumes (coconut brassieres), the Tribal leader in full regalia, and the music that the Broadway orchestra is playing are all delightfully reproduced as a nod, nudge, and a wink to the movie audience.

    It's interesting, the contrast between the newer depiction of primitive islanders in this film vs. the one from 1933 are shown within an hour and a half of each other. I'd say the newer depiction is closer to realism, or as real as one can get considering that it is just a movie. Considering the reactions I've gotten from farmers who have ordered me off their land while I was in field service ("Get off my property, or I'll shoot you!"), it's not far fetched to think that white people wandering into a native village would not be welcomed with opened arms, especially if food was scarce and the whiteys were well fed and tasty looking.

  • Abaddon

    For every monkey, an organ grinder!

    Funny thing is trebor, you forgot (as did Speculum)) that you actually agree with me;

    It is always possible to support any agenda we may be trying to push by using selected quotes. There are many films where black people are positively portrayed but non of these have been mentioned.

    ... don't worry, I'll try to make sure I remind you of your own opinion when you next put it to one side to have a go at someone... sheesh, for all my faults at least I manage to be a consistent bastard.

    Merry Christmas guys... LOL... let's hope someone gave one of you a clue this year... lord knows you've done without one thus far...

  • Spectrum

    abaddon, "Spectrum, you are not the voice of the black people the world (are you black? not that it matters). You are the one ignoring black people generally saying there isn't a big problem with racism in movies."
    Abaddon, this is where your ignorance is showing. Any person that understands social issues understands that Hollywood has been thoroughly unfair and racist towards the non-whites they wish to portray.
    YOU are ignoring racism in movies not me, talk about slander .

    "Am I obstinate? Nope, just not impressed by your argument. Ya think I don=';t notice the issues I've raised you avoid?"
    I don't know what ethnicity you are but my argument doesn't impress most white especially anglosaxons. After all they do need to sleep at night.

    "Eye roll. No, it is a commercial pattern. Ignoring valid points about the commercial factors of film making doesn't make your argument better, it makes it look like you are ignoring valid points."
    Wow.. what unadulterated racism you are exhibiting. I'm sure it's not intentional on your part but racist nevertheless. Slave trade was built on commercial patterns as you call them, the pilgrims that went to the Americas dehumanised the Natives so that they could kill with a free christian conscience and so on.
    Exploitation is the order of the day for you then abaddon

    I think criminal cultures ruin their own reputation."
    There you go again with your racist rhetoric. And you dare to call me a racist because I speak up against a bunch of corrupt hollywood racists.

    "You also, without anything more than your say-so, are accusing Hollywood Directors and Producers of a concerted campaign of portraying black people in a negative light. Great conspiracy theory - as asked for earlier, please put some meat on the bones and give actual examples. "
    I have put the meat on the bones you don't like what you see, maybe you can't sleep at night either and attempt to take the meat off with clever but irelevant arguments and half truths.
    The meat is self evident. Look at the films these Hollywood racist have been putting out for decades. Ask people from these communities what they feel, I've asked blacks and asians and they are not happy. Admittedly not 100% of them will agree but the vast majority do. For Native Americans it's even more self evident from film and for Hispanics it's heading that way. Your minority of minority of minority is the usual Abadodo BS.
    Abaddon't. Stop saying I have no meat on the bone. Show me your meat.

    "Nice... you still avoid commenting on films which according to your argument would be racist to Italians or German, as you're smart enough to realise that such examples make your absolutist stance silly. "
    No I haven't, I have implied that not every film ever made is racist as I've been saying along, just don't over do it. Yeah show a black rapist and Italian mafioso and Native Indian throttling a white female settler. But don't step over the threshold into exploitation and stereotyping land. It's really that simple abaddon't.

    "Your argument is purile; will alienated educationally disenfranchised black kids be saved from a life of crime by not seeing movies such as those you object to?"
    Now you are being ridiculous.
    What is so special about Schindler's list that you keep mentioning it? Is this the meat on your bones? It's just another of many hollocaust movies. If they want to remind people they should try the Rwandan, Armenian and Komerouge hollocausts or make films portraying the genocide of the American Indians. Cover them in equal quatities to WWII Hollocaust movies.

    Watch The English Patient and see a small sample of what I'm talking about.

    You may be too chicken sh*t for fear of being labeled anti-semetic by racist zionists for telling the truth but I'm not. I told you, water of a ducks back.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

  • Enigma One
    Enigma One

    I can't believe this thread is still alive and kicking....LOL.

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