How did you overcome the allure of Paradise? Or have you?

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  • greendawn

    I never really took it seriously because I could see the dubs themselves were really all for this world and fully engaged in materialism they surely didn't act as if the end and pradise were near. In my view someone that really believes in eternal life in a paradise should be willing to make a lot more sacrifices to gain it and above all at the corporate level.

    Note: I am not saying that the JW perception of paradise is correct. It is rather very faulty, unsophisticated, primitive.

  • TopHat

    The main idea of a Paradise on earth is that I will see all my dead loved ones again as they are resurrected...That was all I cared about.

  • cyberdyne systems 101
    cyberdyne systems 101

    Paradise for me wasnt real for a few reasons, one, my nagging doubts that the scriptures didnt seem to be talking about a paradise at all, two, that I was never going to make it, and three, that if the congregation was an example of how paradise would be with all the politics and guilt that I didnt want to go there anyhow


  • anewme

    I agree with Greendawn, although he made it clear he doesnt personally believe in the Paradise, he did say that if it was a real hope of some they should live a life clearly trying to obtain such a special dream.
    Their lives should reflect their sincere desire by living a special life of giving and sacrifice and love and praise, a life abounding in godly works above and beyond any suggested minimal quota.

  • Mystery

    Giving up Paradise was the hardest part of all for me. Animals getting along together. Beautiful creeks, waterfalls etc.......... All the beautiful things on this earth - but that was the mindset of a teenager. A teen that believed with all her heart.

    Now - I go out and see all the beauty that i can, hopefully one day i will own my own little piece of paradise. (Anyone have a few acres of paradise in southern TN? Must have a creek! )

  • M.J.

    thanks for your thoughts, anewme. Honest question for you, simply because I'd like to understand better.

    How much do your hopes for paradise depend on your faith that the WTS is God's channel? Do you feel that a strict adoption of all the views they provide is a requirement to be in paradise?

  • greendawn

    Paradise is the big selling point of the WTS and how good they must be if they are a vital part of the set up that can take you there. The cunning deceit of men trying to exploit their fellow humans!

    As CD101 says there is absolutely nothing in the Bible to support the JW concept of paradise. And they finally admitted that it may not be near in coming, with the generation change of 1995. A paradise that is far in time loses its appeal to people.

  • M.J.

    er--feel free to PM an answer if you don't wish to make it public.

  • JH
    Did it cause you to let go of your hope in Paradise Earth? Did it redirect it to another hope?

    Still believe in God, rather than man, and yes I still believe in a paradise earth someday.

  • caligirl

    I don't think it ever really held any allure to me. I remember thinking that it looked pretty boring, and also wondering why whoever drew the concept of paradise never drew anything to do with the ocean? The pictures presented never matched my idea of paradise.

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