2 elders came for a visit

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  • mkr32208

    Well I don't give a hoot they can df me if they want if they were going to have my little "meeting" on any day other than christmas I might go just to razz them but I'm not giving them the very first christmas that we're going to celebrate as a family!

  • Lilycurly

    Same thing happened to me. They told me they were going to carefuly research and answer my questions. But all they came up with, weeks later, was a formal looking letter telling me that they do beleive it's God's organization and pointing to errors of "faithful annointed persons of the past" who were still approved by God, we are not perfect, read this and that, blablabla. never a straight forward answer, lots of turning 'round and 'round.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff


    Seems like you did the thing right. You gave them a chance to answer - but they are not interested in answers are they?

    Can you believe we were all such mind-numbed robotic imbeciles at one time? I remember leaving the doors of honest people with honest questions in the dtd service. I never researched anything before returning. Sometimes I tried to find a nice tidy article in the Wt that would gloss over the question so I could get on with the job of ignoring what they were saying and trying to convert them. That was about it for me. And for most witnesses I ever knew, including and especially elders.

    During my early doubting days, even before I knew I was doubting, a CO came to visit. I spent some time telling him what I saw as wrong in the organization [the lack of love and misapplication of scripture]. He dodged every single thing I said, and after a while excused himself with the excuse that he had to get back to the hall for another meeting for FS. I thought at the time that he exemplefied precisely what I meant. Here I was, a long time sheep, straying a little in my views, but far from apostate yet [that came a couple years later]. But all he could think about was trying to extricate himself and get on with making new recruits while ignoring the one who was straying from the fold. He just reinforced what I knew was wrong. BTW he never opened his Bible either if I recall.

    Freedom is wonderful.


  • Crumpet
    Their main topic was to "encourage" me to go back to the meetings and listen to the talks,maybe I would learn something from them.Also to keep searching for answers and maybe Jehovah would help me

    That's a laugh - do they think you haven't tried that already! You should have asked if there was going to be anything new - after all the talks are just rehashed over and over again and you haven't been convinced by any of that. I have to say I agree with whoever said that your response that you didnt believe they were gods organisation is enough for shunning. Are you sure your wife hasn't been in touch privately and been advised not to discuss spiritual things with you anymore as she may be risking her own spirtuality? I'd have strong suspicions that could be the case...

  • atypical

    GaryBuss, that was a good post - I never once thought of that little tactic. I do not have any christmas decorations, but I have seen some of the witnesses cruising past my house the last couple of weeks. It didn't even occur to me why they might be doing so.

  • Sheepish

    We all need to get copies of that picture of Christmas at Bethel and keep them as Greetings to give to JW's who stop by during the holiday season. then send them a long with a "Have a nice day."

  • Goldminer

    Yes,it has occured to me that they've talked to my wife about my questions and research which they seem to think all came from the internet.Not scripturally answering any questions doesn't prove they are God's organization,it just proves the opposite.

    Also,my wife has suffered from mental illness the last few years and she's been diagnosed as suffering from some form of depression( I can't remember which one-maybe the jw one).I believe they might be lenient with me on account of that because df'ing me might send her over the edge and she might turn on the religion.This way they had least still have one.The sad part is my little boy will be stuck in the middle and it will just lead to more problems.

    Anyways,I'm not giving up on my wife.I'll keep trying to find a way to show her she doesn't need the WTS for salvation.As for the elders,I've always been respectful to them but from now on I'll be more rude if they ever try to push their non-biblical thinking on me.


  • Sheepish

    Goldminer, if you don't mind me putting my 2 cents in, be very gentle how you share with your wife. I don't know if you have decided against God or just the JWs, but it might help to share with her that what you are doing is not denying God, just an organization that pretends to follow him. Not that bluntly of course, but it might soften the blow a bit....just saying...

  • skyman

    To all that are reading this if you care about being DF'D or Disasociated never answer the question do you believed the witnesses were God's organization or do you want to come back to mettings. If you answer no on either of the two question you will be Disasociated.

    Be smart, don't allow two Elders at one time to talk to you. If you think you must then let them know you are going to tape the conversation. They are not there to help you. So many people feel they owe it to the BORG to be allow the elders to come and visit. IF YOU DO THEY WILL GET YOU AND IT IS NO ONES FAULT BUT YOUR OWN>

  • AuldSoul

    As an alternative to Skyman's advice (which is correct, if you want to maintain nominal attachment) you could always give them a middle finger WAAAAAAY up. Or you might try the "Get Stuffed!" sign the United Kingdom uses. Whichever they would understand would be the appropriate choice.

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