Describe A Watctower Infiltrator In A Kingdom Hall

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  • Naturist

    I'm not an ex-JW. But my friend is. He pointed me to this site because of my interest in spirituality. Listening to the posts it is as though you all feel the need to take back control. Become empowered, and say what was once unmentionable. I've seen this need in my friend too. Unfortunately IMO he is still very constrained. For him the controls are no longer external, but have become internalised. Have I hit the nail on the head? What is it about (ex)JWs that creates this need to become free?

  • minimus

    JWs are so repressed that when they are given any room, they go crazy!

  • Gregor

    Wow, One of my favorite subjects!

    Once a JW in good standing realizes he or she has been 'had' they fall into two general kinds of psuedo JW's.

    1. The Cool Heads. They are pragmatic. They have their whole lives entangled, sometimes including their livelihoods, often their family and a spouse who may be very dedicated Kool-Aid drinkers. So they lay low, play the game. Some can handle this for as long as...? but some get eaten up inside, they look in the mirror every morning and see a hypocrit.

    2. The Hot Bloods. When the light bulb goes on over their head and they get that 'fire in the bones' the can no more put on an act then they can fly. To hell with the collateral damage, they are gonzo and probably not quietly. They, too, pay a painful price but are willing to pay it.

    I was a type 2. I have no regrets, other than losing contact with my beloved Grandparents who died a few years after I bailed out. But that couldn't be helped. I consider leaving that organization one of my proudest achievements.

    I have known a few type1's. They could leave the KH on Sunday and pop over to my house (park in the back) to visit and commiserate about the latest Watchtower BS. You know what? I lost contact with them after a while because I got to the point I couldn't respect them anymore. Every time I would talk to them I felt like I needed a good hot bath.

  • cheezy

    Gregor - you are so right on! That should be framed!

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