Describe A Watctower Infiltrator In A Kingdom Hall

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  • Why Georgia
    Why Georgia

    I think they look like Richie Rich.....LOL!


  • NewYork44M

    Throughout my last years as a fading dub, I tried really hard to predict who was in the "fade mode." Once or twice I was correct, but most people did a good job of hiding their double life.

  • Finally-Free

    1. Their suits aren't made of polyester.
    2. They don't have tassels on their shoes.
    3. They only shave on meeting nights.
    4. They don't beat the shit out of their kids at meetings.
    5. They can maintain conversations for longer than 3 minutes.


  • mustang


    Got it!!! Use an UV light: all "'postate materials" (including the Internet) have been sprayed with a special dye that glows under UV. So, these "double agents" will glow when the light hits them!!

    Oops, that’s money from robbed banks (and scorpions glow naturally). I guess its not that easy, after all.


  • Maryjane

    • They arrive at the meetings just after the opening song & prayer
    • There is at least one weekly meeting they miss (usually the book study)
    • They're out the door as soon as the meeting is over (or sometimes before)
    • You never see them in the literature room
    • They go out in FS 1 hour a week (after the Sunday meeting) and allocate the rest of their FS time to "return visits" (maybe visiting a hot female neighbor a few times a week...I have a friend who really used to do that!)
    • They read straight from their notes when they give their lackluster talks and exit the stage promptly
    • Their breath sometimes reeks of Jack Daniels & stale cigarette smoke
  • Elsewhere

    They tend to be round in shap, red in color and always wear sun glasses.

  • Naturist

    I would reverse the question. Why should people with genuine doubts feel the need to hide them from their peers? Why should the price of "fellowship" be blind and unquestioned faith? Anyone who chooses to believe something blindly just to belong, is a long way away from what I would consider to be enlightened. What ever happened to open discussion and debate? That's the problem with "absolute" truths, they kill inteligent discussion and honest decent absolutely. I consider myself spiritual, but I'm pretty sure that my understanding of what that means is very different from yours. If you choose to keep and open mind we can discuss our differing views, and I'm sure that we would both gain. I for one do not feel the need to abandon my intellect inorder to explore my spirituality.

  • minimus

    Here's what I did------ I came in right before the meeting started, gave fewer comments----mostly from the direct reading of the paragraphs or verbatim quoting of a scripture, zipped out often before the meeting ended (for work related issues) and started missing more and more meetings. Service didn't exist but i still managed 10 to 13 hrs. in.

  • Naturist

    Why did you keep going?

  • truthseeker


    It's hard to describe such a person. The only evidence would be lack of meeting attendance, zeal and no commenting.

    But a person who does all these things may still believe but just be weak.

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