Describe A Watctower Infiltrator In A Kingdom Hall

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  • Satanus
    "an intruder with hostile intent"

    Yes, but are they really intruders. In most cases, they have been there for yrs, perhaps all their lives. Let's call the wt org a cancer. In a cancerous mass, if one of the cancer cells turns normal, is it an intruder? The hostile intent is purely incidental, a righteous indignation at finding out that they have been used, duped and treated like $#it. While someone working their way inside w hostile intent does happen, it's very rare.


  • Abaddon

    Oh, an 'agent in deep cover'. Okay.

    Well, some are, no doubt, not able to extricate themselves in the manner of their chosing and willing to bide their time.

    I suppose one, if out, could do the prodigal son; fast track to Elder (if male) and head for Bethel dragging an 18 year-old pioneer sister you can corrupt along with you. Jump through all the hoops be a super-fine little bastard Elder and explode like an anurism ten years later as deep in the brainb of the bloated, stinking mass of corruption... sorry, got carried away there. Not my scene, but a great idea.

    Maybe someone like that is in deep today. Not that I'd know...

    Think about that Bethel lurkers... wanna know what Bethel he's in... ?

  • FairMind

    An infiltrator is the person who has a "FairMind". He/she doesn't speak of worldly persons as if they are all bereft of morals and good values. He/she equates "truth" with facts not with what Mother says. The infiltrator places God's word the Bible above the Watchtower and is not afraid to say so. The infiltrator is probably looked at as a controversial person by the congregation. The infiltrator is also very good looking.

  • stillajwexelder

    I am one minimus -those that know me may be able to help you with your question

  • Dune

    I kind of consider myself an infiltrator. But depending on how things go next year, i might just take the path that sir82 has taken and still go for MS, ELDER and all that other crap and not really believe in all this and marry a non-pioneer sister.

    or i can just say screw it to the last 8 years of my life and start with a clean slate. O the choices.

  • cheezy
    or i can just say screw it to the last 8 years of my life

    Dune: Better than saying screw it to the last 30............eight's nothing..........

  • IP_SEC

    You frequently hear them say in hushed tones "cursed oral sex laws"

  • serendipity

    Hi naturist! Welcome to the forum!

  • geevee

    Some of my last stuff as an elder, was in reality some of my best stuff. Prayers that actually meant something, and praying for people like the victims of the tsunami in asia and not just the JW's. I gave an instruction talk on Bible Cronology from the si book, well i got my material from Jonnson's Gentile Times revisited.
    I eased right up on any form of pressure to the Book Study that I conducted. If they wanted to do RV's or have coffee, fine with me. My book studies went to 40 minutes MAX. If I got to take the WT, just kept it moving, not getting bogged down or saying much stuff myself. Same with Service Meeting parts, use some of my own questions and keep the part brief.
    Asking and at times stating the obvious say related to how many hours it takes to baptize one person.
    Basically in JW speak......I was slack!!!!! and proud of it. AND glad to be out of it..

  • lv4fer

    Some one on their way out answers less and less at the meetings, doesn't prepare, goes out in field service only the minimal amount and avoids talking at the door, if you do talk you only use the bible and try to share a thought from it alone, don't place literature. Get up and go the bathroom at least 3 or 4 times during the meeting and stay in there a while, play with the kids that are in there being disciplined and talk to the mother. After a while you only stay for the talk and leave before the watchtower, because it makes you sick to your stomach (I do mean physically sick) to sit there and listen to their crap and the stupid comments......but that was just me

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