Describe A Watctower Infiltrator In A Kingdom Hall

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  • Stealth

    When the PO has to step down and gets DF for screwing a married pioneer sister.

  • minimus

    I kept going because all of my family was still in. And I was working to get them out. .....Truthgeeker, it's not all that hard for others to describe such a person. What the Org. calls "weak" may simply be a JW in name only.

  • YoursChelbie

    Excellent question.

    There were so many people leading a double life--mostly teens--that it became obvious to me the Kingdum Hall was only a "social club." The parents were in the religion and so the meetings were just another way to stay in touch. Parties were always a big deal especially after the meetings. One particular teen I know used to bribe her elder dad and then brag about it. She exchanged a summer worth of auxiliary pioneering for the promise of a car when she turned 16.

    She got her car, Daddy got to look good in the eyes of his fellow elders.


  • RichieRich
    I think they look like Richie Rich.....LOL!

    Well in order to be a true infiltrator, they have to look and seem exactly like a regular dub.

    But obvious signs include:

    • un-studied publications
    • over-studied publications
    • asleep
    • frequent trips to the bathroom
    • longwinded comments
    • no comments

    isn't it funny how both sides of the spectrum are indicators?

  • Satanus

    Infiltrator has the meaning of someone working their way in. In this case, exfiltrator would be a better word, as most of these people are working their way out of the org. Minor point, carry on.


  • cheezy
    Naturist: Why should people with genuine doubts feel the need to hide them from their peers? Why should the price of "fellowship" be blind and unquestioned faith?

    Are you serious? Or being ironic? I can tell you, I had very 'serious doubts' that I could not share with anyone - my whole way of life as I knew it was in jeopardy. Having been raised as a JW by parents who were raised as JW's - I became the first to jump ship out of a large, close family (2 parents, 2 sibs, 4 grandparents, 6 uncles, 6 aunts, 20+cousins, etc.)*

    I did a fade. I ('temporarily' of course) cancelled my magazine order and took a hiatus from the MS - the literature servant teasingly said "Crystal's falling out of the truth." I thought - "if you only knew." Those were tough times - I lost the fellowship of friends and family - some forever - some for a few years, until they came out. Now I have both sibs, mother and several cousins with me.

    *Technically, the first was a gay cousin who was mysteriously dismissed from Bethel and literally disappeared. But I don't think it was by informed choice.

  • PoppyR

    Since I've been posting here, it's freaked me out rather that there are obviously people right up to elders etc who dont believe it's the truth, I just dont know how they keep going!! I just found the meetings absolutely unbearable!! And how do they counsel and sit through elders meetings etc.. And nobody ever speaks to anyone else about it just in case they get ratted on..

    Poppy xx

  • Abaddon

    I've got it - the ones on the fade say "Shiboleth", the true-blues say "Siboleth".

  • minimus

    I mean it more as "an intruder with hostile intent" to overtake the enemy. I think they have a specific purpose. In many cases they get info, pass it on to us and we go with it.

  • DannyHaszard

    I was dfed (wrongfully) in 1992 by a kangaroo court and although i knew they were in the wrong and downright perjured liars i still believed that the WT was the truth for the next two years until COC.I must have been one of the first to get it off the press.

    I thought that somehow it was still the truth and my getting a bum rap was my persecution to endure (my test from Jehovah)

    Now i know that this ambivalence is called stockholm syndrome with features of cognitive dissonance

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