My "un"association letter

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    Jst2laws: Ok......but the lemondrops were awesome!!!! I need to make some for you when you visit!!!

    My friend on the floor would love to meet you!!!

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    You write beautifully AuldSoul.

    I am planning to put together some guidelines on ways to leave the organisation and would love to include this and the results that follow, both now from the elders response and long term from the brothers.

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    from the brothers

    No, they're not!

  • AuldSoul

    Two elders just came by to deliver the news...this may come as a shock to some, but they have decided to accept my letter as a disassociation letter.

    No? No surprise? Hmm. Yeah, it didn't surprise me either.

    To be announced this Thursday. They wanted to make sure I know that it may be that I'll change my mind and come back later for reinstatement. I said, "An awful lot would have to change before I would make that choice. So much that isn't based on the Bible would have be changed. I can't see it happening." "But it could." I said, "Yes, well...I suppose it is possible, but I really don't think it is likely."

    They said the announcement will be read Thursday night and they left with wagging heads.

    "This could be the beginning of a [lot of] beautiful friendship[s]."

  • Enigma One
    Enigma One


    You gave them an out....they took it. Chickens.

  • Dansk
    Two elders just came by to deliver the news...this may come as a shock to some, but they have decided to accept my letter as a disassociation letter.


    It's plainly obvious they didn't give your letter the consideration it deserved - but there's no surprise there. Personally, I wouldn't have wasted the ink. Still, it WAS a great letter and people can see for themselves how a genuine call for understanding based on scriptural evidence is deliberately overlooked in order for the organisation to maintain its unity of deceit.


  • M.J.

    Thanks for posting it. Great letter. Could you fill me in, though, on how Jehoiachin's exile is tied in with secular chronological sources? (BM 35382 Nabonidus Chronicle?)

  • AuldSoul


    The Hillah Stele (Nabon. No. 8) notes repairs, in 555 BC, to a temple in Harran that had been devastated by Umman-manda (Medes) some 54 years earlier. The attack that damaged the temple is the sack of Harran known from B.M. 21901, the Hillah Stele fixes 609 BC (i.e. 555 + 54 = 609) as the 16th year of Nabopolassar when the temple was destroyed. From that date, it is a quick trip to the year of Jehoiachin's exile. This stele is also used to calculate:

    *** w68 8/15 p. 492 The Book of Truthful Historical Dates ***
    “Nabonidus, the last king of Chaldean Babylonia, who reigned from 555 to 539 B.C.”—Ibid, p. 193.

    This is the only article on the CD-ROM that mention 555 BC. Maybe somebody got wise to the basis for 539 BC as the fall being the same as the basis for 609 BC as the 16th year of Nabopolassar (which also handily destroys the notion of the destruction of Solomon's Temple in 607 BC). So, they quote the Catholic Encyclopedia as an authority instead:

    *** w68 8/15 p. 492 The Book of Truthful Historical Dates ***
    “Nabonidus (Nabunaid) . . . was the last King of Babylon (555-539 B.C.).”—The Catholic Encyclopedia, 1907, Vol. 2, p. 184.

    The Hillah Stele is not mention by the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society in any of its publications. For very good reason. It argues very convincingly against the chronology of celebrated WT scholars.


  • JackC

    My wife and I are drafting our letter as we speak. Still not sure if DF or DA is a better fit for us. I thank you for your posting your letter as well as all our friends comments. We hope to shock and awe some people with ours. Not that it will help, we just want out.


  • TallTexan

    I think that is a very well written, succint, intelligent letter. One of the better ones I've seen. I would have liked to have seen more discussion on item #3 and expound on the 607 date, thus removing any and all basis for the GB to claim authority in 1914. I also agree with an earlier poster that you give them too much credit and too much power in deciding your fate. I understand you were trying to be reasonable and say "Hey, I don't want to be treated as a df'd or da'd person, so just let me walk away." Surely you know that, no matter how politely you word your letter, that won't happen. I think it was nice, though, as you did not appear belligerent in any way, and you know that you took the high road and made the effort. Overall, nicely done.

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