Can anyone recommend a good book to read?

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    Hi yaroslavna, welcome to the forum!

  • yaroslavna

    Thank you! I am glad to find this forum!

  • TopHat

    I ask for the "In search of book at my local Library this morning...they don't have it nor do they have a copy in the county system of Librarys. ...She ask me if it was a new book...

    They do have COC...but I have to wait for the book to come from another LIB in the system..

  • mouthy

    Welcome Yaro((((( Glad you found us!!!!

  • mouthy

    OOps Yaro sorry !! I am the Oldie on board makes lots of mistakes ( 78 yrs old

  • jeanniebeanz

    If you are interested in a very interesting book, although not necessarily religious, "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People" by Stephen R. Covey is a book that I found to be good.


  • Eyebrow2

    yes, that is a good book...I need to reread it.

    Actually, if you are looking for fluff, Harry Potter books are fun. I am currently working on the 6th one.

    "Job: A Comedy of Justice" by Robert Heinlein. I read it about 6 months or so after I left the KH. It is not religious, per se, but it made me think quite a bit about belief systems, etc.

    dandelion wine is one of my favs, by Ray Bradbury.

    I read CoC a few years ago. Well worth reading. I have not bothered with In Search of Christian Freedom, mostly because I am no loger any kind of Christian. I may read it someday though, because it has been spoken of very highly by people on the board.

    I just finished Anthem by Ayn Rand...a bit black and white, but an interesting, if not simplistic read. I just started We the Living by her as well, but Think I am going to finish the Harry Potter book first, since I have a very bad cold and cannot handle anything too deep at the moment hahah.

  • Panda

    I read "Crisis of Conscience" before I officially left the WTS; Then I ordered "In Search of Christian Freedom"; and that book is the one I was able to get other friends to read (including my husband) ... I loaned it to a friend and never got it back (that happens most of the time I lend books).

    If you are interested in books about early greek scriptures then try anything by Elaine Pagels (The Gnostic Gospels, Beyond Belief). The Fox work "The unauthorised Version" ; for fiction nothing beats "The Red Tent" based on the story of Dinah from the Bible.

  • evergreen

    Thankyou for all your views and recommendations. I think i will have a bash firstly at "in search of christian freedom".

    I am going to be bold and order this book and hopefully the wife when she sees it will read it to.



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