Can anyone recommend a good book to read?

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  • evergreen

    Hi everyone. I really fancy reading R Franzes book " in search of christian freedom". Has anyone read this book?.

    If so is it worth a read? Will i gain anything from reading it; or is there any other books that you think is very worthwhile reading.

    I would be grateful if you could let me know what you think about some of the books you have read, particularly R Franz's book mentioned above.


  • Spectre

    I just ordered a copy and it should be in tomorrow. I've read his other one, Crisis of Conscience, great book.

  • freedomlover

    Evergreen - CoC (Crisis of Conscience) is great. The first book I read was called Toxic Faith and it was a huge eyeopener. - freedomlover

  • rebel8

    I've got a whole list at, navigate to bookstore.

  • Honesty

    In Search of Christian Freedom is a very good read to get you started if you are searching for the real God of the Bible. I often use my copy for reference when witnessing to active Watchtower cult members.

  • mouthy

    I found " In Search "a bit too deep for me!!!!lol "Crises Of Conscience" was the very book that helped me to see the WT for what it truly is....& I was able to be free!!!

    If you want some light reading -I suggest a good book called" JOSHUA"( not really religious) although the Author is a retired priest J0SEPH F. GIRZONE & NO I am NOT Catholic- I am Christian...I found it very inspiring, also the follow up book called "Joshua And The Children" same aauthor...Bost best sellers.

  • mouthy

    should read BOTH best sellers DAH!

  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    I feel that In Search of Christian Freedom is the BEST possible book to read when questioning the Watchtower. Raymond Franz is very logical and kind in his presentation. His main goal is to provide facts that most Witnesses don't have the pleasure to know. One word of caution though, do not expect to find all the answers to life in the book. Ray makes it very clear that removal from a system of worship may not bring any happiness at all. Each one of us has to use our Christian Freedom wisely.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    You might want to look here

    The Best of... Books

    There are a few threads that discuss various books

  • yaroslavna

    I've read both R.Franzes books and found out the truth of WT organization. Since i didnt attand our congregation.

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