Ahhhh, summer's here!!

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  • fairchild

    Ozzie, was that you, posting a topic about 3 months ago, telling us that you saw a fly on the windowsill and you knew that spring was coming, or was it someone else? That post depressed me SOOOO much, because winter was coming here.

    Winter officially starts tomorrow, but we have already had more than 2 months of snow. What is wrong with this picture? I marked it down on the calendar. We had a major blizzard on October 24th, but we had already had snow before that.

    90 days until springtime..

  • ozziepost

    Ah, those pesky flies!

    We also have Christmas Beetles this time of year. they seem to fly into flyscreens with a wallop. They are brown and round things - quite harmless, and they only appear about this time of year, hence the name Christmas Beetle.

  • fairchild

    I think we have the same ones over here. We call them June bugs, because they only come out in June. They scare the crap out of me.

  • misspeaches

    Summers here and I am loving it! My skin is still pasty white and I duck the rays of the sun for fear of getting pink/red and peeling.... But I feel so alive. Getting out of bed in the morning is glorious! My washing is dry in an hour.

    Today at the location of this years Cannyfest it is not cold at all. In fact its an amazing 33 degrees. For my imperial friends that is 91Farenheit. I have heard rumours of a whopping 39 degrees for Sunday which is 102 Farenheit. Thats a wee bit too warm for this peach! 35 is my limit.

  • ozziepost

    Canny goes over the ton??? That's starting to sound as though the local dubs might think it's all part of "The Sign" !

  • misspeaches

    Yes Ozzie you cheeky thing. We actually do get some hot weather here in the summer you know! I guess I am going to have to prove it to ya and invite you down for a summer cannyfest!

  • ozziepost


    Make it the second choice location and I'll be refreshed satisfied!

  • Latte

    My little sister has recently moved to Perth......the weather is most agreeable!!

    Fine tonight. Cloud increasing tomorrow with a few showers developing in the
    afternoon. Moderate SW winds tonight becoming W'ly and freshening tomorrow ahead
    of a fresh SW change in the evening.


    Perth: Min: 13 Max: 25
    Mandurah: Min: 15 Max: 23

    Thanks for the link Ozzie!

  • ozziepost


    Perth often gets some scorchers - it's in a cool spell at the moment.

    Sydney's well known for its humidity - like today, and it's so tiring!

    Melbourne gets hot but I think is a dryer heat than Sydney.

    Canberra, being near the Snowy Mountains, is much more agreeable (in summer).

    Mind you, in winter it's b***** awful! (says Ozzie ducking the boomerang thrwon by misspeaches)

  • greendawn

    So you celebrate Christmas at the peak of summer which sounds strange to us, I suppose you never get snow during Christmas even in Tasmania or on the highest mountains in Australia.

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