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  • stillAwitness

    Some of the kids my age in my hall are just an insult to my generation.

    At the service meeting last week I was talking with one and we were near the front of the hall and there were a bunch of little kids running and jumping around the stage.

    She goes: "What a shame. That is like Jehovah's throne up there."

    I go: "Woluldn't his throne be in heaven and not on a some man-made piece of wood?"

    She's like: "well this is Jehovah's house..." stutter stutter and then she says nevermind and changes the subject.

    What's up with that "This is Jehovah's house" lingo anyway? Its getting so old.

  • rebel8

    I thought they believed the KHs themselves were not holy, like altars in a church. Maybe it's just an individual going overboard?

  • stillAwitness

    hMMM... never heard it in that way. i've always been taught that when you're in the KH you are in a sacred place. no gum chewing, now "selling" of your avon products (my mom got in trouble for that one once! Oh mother-you are quite the buisness lady! )

  • Cellist

    I remember, just before we quit, there was a meeting part that admantly stated that the Kingdom Hall was holy. No "thank you" card, invitations or announcements could be put on the bulletin board without the elders' approval because it was holy. There was a big long list of things that couldn't be at the KH, not even outside. Also, it was inappropriate to put a drum beat behind the "Kingdom Melodies" because it was holy music.


  • heathen
    it was inappropriate to put a drum beat behind the "Kingdom Melodies" because it was holy music.

    LMAO I never heard of that one nor did I know of anyone that wanted to . I think it would have been interesting if she would have elaborated a little more . Jehovah's throne on the podium sounds pretty ridiculous . I thought jehovahs throne was in brooklyn .

  • POs Son
    POs Son

    Sister Cellist,
    You will be called into the library after the Service Meeting on Thursday to talk about the apostate use of the term "bulletin board". You should refer to it as the information board, and, while we are on the topic, you should never be posing bulletins, er, information on the board without our permission.
    The Elders

  • Finally-Free

    I'm sure Jehovah gags too, every time he sees the sickening colour combinations they choose for the kingdom halls.


  • Pistoff

    Jehovah's house, but WE pay the mortgage???

  • stillAwitness

    LOL at that one! What is it about that weekly accounts report anyway??

    I've given you all I had Brooklyn! You cover the defecit!!

  • Virgogirl

    Jehober's throne isn't in the men's room, then?

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