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  • carla

    'bulliten board'

    I asked about this too once. I was told that they just want to be different and worldlies use the term 'bulliten board' so therefore, of course jw's don't want to be like worldlies.

  • LDH

    Kate and Ozzie,

    I remember being told if the Israelites and their children could stand for 8 days then us kids could deal with two hours. This was from Jehoober's FDS, not necessarily my parents.

    However I do remember on one occasion I was about 12 and my sister was 13, and we were so FREAKING BORED that we started a "word whiskers" game. On one side of the paper were all of the incorrect and frequent pronunciations, and on the other side were names. The object of the game was to match the "word whisker" to the "speaker".


    Does Jim Smith still say "Doot-er-om-i-ney" Class?

  • stillAwitness

    Funny responses!

    Interesting how the WT brags about how they keep the children with the parents during talks unlike "Christendom"

    hey...and why is it okay for Jesus to call it sermons but we call them talks? Just realized that.

    Anyways, and yet I remember being dragged to the bathroom at 5 years old for a spanking because I could not "sit still" during the meeting. I was 5 for God's sake!

  • willyloman
    What did they say was wrong with the term "bulletin board"?

    The description comes from a board used to post Papal "Bulls" (official pronouncements by the pope). Thus, "bulletin" board is a Catholic term and long ago dubs renamed it the information board so as not to be confused with this "pagan religious practice."

    As for "Jehovah's house," I've heard that expression, too. If it were ever true, however, you can be sure Jehovah has long since left the building.

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