I Appreciate Barbara Anderson

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  • AuldSoul

    Good point, min. And Ray is a good comparison, too.

    If he hadn't had the ... moxie ... to bear the possible scourging from writing his viewpoints down and collecting together things that had already been discovered by others into a single place, then publish and promote it, how many would know the inner working of the org during those years? How many would know the problems at the core of the organization? How many would never have gotten a clue about the way the pieces fit together?

    This is a similar thing. It isn't about whether we know it. It is about whether anyone else knows it. It is highly unlikely that any attorney without personal experience of loss due to the blood issue would ever have brought this argument together, despite everything being "already known."

    But, like you said, min, whether or not someone sees it as big news they have to admit someone is TRYING. The woman spends hours and hours a week TRYING to find ways to approach this behemoth organization in a way the will injure it, change it, make it react. She didn't deserve the crap she's gotten. Neither did Kerry.


  • Sunspot

    It's too bad that there isn't a better word than "appreciate" to decribe what she has done and is still doing. I SO admire her on so many levels. I also feel that when I see the nasty type of criticism hurled at her.....it hurts me inside.



  • hamsterbait


    That is soo WT speak Min. You some kinda WTSPEAK 'Ho?


  • Pistoff

    It is amusing to read the stupid posts attacking Barb on this forum, after the great things she has done for both active and non witnesses.

    While others talk and opine, Barb and Joe do.

  • wiegel

    Let's face it, this forum is a real smelting pot sometimes, with so many smart, thinking, feeling, hurt, angry, loving truth-seekers, that any "news" published here is subject to the most grueling scrutiny at the hands of its members. Personally, I not only enjoy, but count on, issues being hashed and rehashed to get at the truth. Most of us will not take anything at face value again for a long, long time, and I believe this is a good thing.

    Barbara is, among other things, a woman, and that alone makes her my hero. Coming out of a church where girls aren't even allowed to "handle the microphones", Barbara shows us the truth about women. I love knowing that she worked at the very core of the beast and I bet she still refilled the empty toilet paper roll whenever she saw one (ladies, you know what I'm talking about - hehe!).

    Brave doesn't come close to describing her defection, she is undaunted, and she is still the same person she has always been. Dedicated, honest, loving, kind, except that she is now free. And instead of running away from the controversy, she had hit it head on in her pursuit for justice.

    Bash the "good news"? Still waters run deep, and this "old black water" keeps on rollin, very very deep - the ramifications of this "good news" are yet to come, but inescapable. Thank you, Barbara, for being you! You are awesome and I know you know way more than you are sharing with us even now. Please stick around!

    Trudy (of the "girls can not only handle, but would "clean" those microphones, as well" class)

  • belbab

    How big do you want this news to be?

    Right now this news is limited to Jaydubs ad ex-jays, and the present focus of it is on the blood issues and Watchtower-lie-Awake coverups.

    There are growing concern over issues of Religion inPolitics, Church and State in our times. Changes and awareness are in the air, and are blowin' the wind.

    Suicide bombers brain washed by religion to sacrifice their lives in bid for domination or their religion.

    Two Mormon splinter groups living in communities, one in Arizona, one at Bountiful, British Columbia where women are dominated, polygamy is rampant.

    Child abuse issues. In Canada just recently, millions of dollars were allotted to native groups in reparations for cultural and physical abuse at paroichial religious schools from decades past.

    History is being made, is happening right now, on this board, and elsewhere.

    Watch Tower babble proclaims that religion will be attacked and focused primarily on their miniscule numbers from the UN or Gog of Magog or whoever is the current present truth.

    They are blind. It is happening but not the way they see it. They are under seige from their own offspring and not a stone upon stone shall not be thrown down.


  • hillbilly

    Me too. The "Big News" will grind all the tiny axes that will fell the big Oak tree.

    Thanks, Mrs. Anderson.


  • minimus

    I bet Mr. Anderson's very involved too.

  • Jankyn

    Bravo to the Andersons, and to all those folks who labor anonymously.

    Unlike some who've responded, I do think that an article in a respected legal journal is "Big News." It will have long-term consequences, particularly for those former JWs or UBMs who are struggling to keep their children from being swallowed into the Borg.

    Peer-reviewed journals are considered exceptionally trustworthy among scientists, scholars, academics and professionals. It counts a whole hell of a lot more in the long run that just about anything else.



  • katiekitten

    so what have we GLEANED from Barbara?

    I have gleaned an appreciation of the food at the proper time delivered lovingly from righteous ONES concerned about my spiritual welfare (tee hee)

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