I Appreciate Barbara Anderson

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  • minimus

    I'd just like to say that I believe Barbara's a wonderful addition to this site and I appreciate all her contributions in her pursuit to expose the Watchtower's deceit.

  • stillajwexelder

    so do I

  • stillconcerned

    She is a strong, courageous and tenacious woman who has given much, and lost much, in the pursuit of truth.

    Few have done more in the 'cause', few have lost more.

    She does SO much that doesn't get public exposure...

    Kimberlee D. Norris

    attorney at law

  • minimus

    Attorney Norris, I appreciate your comments as you know firsthand the truth of your statement.

  • AuldSoul

    I agree (if anyone didn't know already).

    I would add that if those who are bashing the "big news" were publishing it instead (as Barbara said would be needed, for it to have any impact at all) they could help prove her correct. Focusing on trying to prove her wrong helps no one. It won't change the outcome except that it may make this news take longer to actually start producing results.

    I say that, while being fully aware that this news is already having results. I know of three people who since hearing the news are more determined to finally leave. That is after the news has been known for only three days.

    How many more have been waiting for an issue to break away over? How many more have no idea they've been intentionally deceived about blood? I was uncomfortable with several things for about 10 years. I have written several letters to the bOrg during that time. When I saw the video on blood it struck me as an infomercial for the folks who developed the bloodless surgery technologies more than a video that addressed doctrine. I stopped signing a medical directive after watching it, but did not know the depth of deception I had just observed.

    After discovering the UN/DPI issue, I knew I could no longer support the Organization unless they could answer to that candidly. Since coming out, I have found hundreds of things I was lied to about. Some fairly small, others were HUGE points of doctrine—like the blood issue. The thing is, any time the deceptions of the society can come to the forefront lovers of truth will leave.

    Who died because of the UN/DPI membership? No one.

    As horrible a crime as it is, how can the Society be directly linked to child abuse if the courts see no fiduciary relationship between the Society and the congregants in that issue? They can't.

    To those who say there is nothing new in this news: You are obviously right. Follow that thought to the conclusion.

    Why would an essay about old news be published? Why would precedent that has been on the books for years suddenly come crawling back to the surface? Why would quotes that many have known were deceitful for over a decade suddenly appear in a paper ALONGSIDE this old established precedent?

    This is big news because it brings together a lot of already known, easily understandable information and presents a potentially valid argument that can be tested in court. A court will hear this. That hasn't been done before. THAT is HUGE news.

    Think. What good does it do for us to know every dirty little secret the Watchtower has, if nothing can be done about it but pissing and moaning? How much benefit to anyone is it if we know, but no one else knows? We have been given a way to get PUBLICITY, win or lose this thing will draw media attention. A LOT of media attention.

    Who loves media attention more than politicians and lawyers? This is the biggest crack that the Society has ever had opened into its belly. This is HUGE, whether it is successful in court or not. Attorneys will smell blood in the water when they see the publicity, then people will start finding ways to get the gold.

    Ah well, I hope those who get it can be a loud enough voice to make the world aware there is a timed opportunity here, a window opened from December 2005 KM 'til the statute of limitations runs out. If no one tries it soon they may miss their best chance ever.


  • minimus

    To me, whether it's "BIG NEWS" or not as big as was hoped----who cares? I saw some of the same crap given to Ray Franz on this board a few years ago. We should be thankful that some persons are doing their best to dig at the truth about the Watchtower. Rather than be complaining Israelites or "Jerry Springer" types, look at the positives.

  • Bryan

    I'd like to give my thumbs up for Barbara!


  • blindersoff
  • DevonMcBride

    I agree with all of your comments. Any information that chips away the WT empire is BIG news to me.

  • z

    ME 2

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