What's the worst response a person ever said to you in the field service?

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  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    g e t to t h e p o i n t

    Me: We're here, blah blah blah.

    Househoulder: (interrupting matter of factly and somewhat rudely) Ok, so what's the bottom line?

    Me: Well, we're warning about a coming destruction that is survivable.

    Householder: Consider me warned. (SLAM!)

    Damned funny exchange it was...

    a n o t h e r:

    Pretty Japanese sister and I apporach a man in his seventies working on his riding lawn mower in the front yard on nice day.

    Me: Good morning, my friend and I are........

    Householder: (Interrupting in anger. Have you ever been shot at for defending your country?)

    Me: I have been shot at for what I believe in. (another story for another day)

    Householder: (Now standing and angry) You better be glad I fought for my country or we'd all look like her!

    Me: I think she's pretty good looking, but we get your point, good day.

    Guy was a racist jackass.


  • cheezy
    the guy answered, looked me and my buddy over and said in a I-can't-believe-you-have-the-nerve voice, "It's Christmas." He didn't yell it, that I could've handled. But this shock, this disbelief, this dumfoundedness at our total disregard for his family's and our own culture's traditions -- it ate through me like a knife attached to a chainsaw.

    AA Dave,

    Touching - those were the kind of responses that really left me feeling sick inside.

    As an extremely shy little girl, it was sheer cruelty to be sent out into neighborhoods armed only with my little 10cent magazines, hoping fervently not to be seen by anyone I knew (and feeling guilty as hell for that hope). Those hours just had to be longer than 60 minutes each.......................

  • Woodsman

    An 80 year old womans top fell off. That was my worst call.

  • greendawn

    Someone said to me "why did you join these monsters?" I later realised that the WTS was indeed a monster of premeditated exploitation, lying and absurdity.

  • bigmouth

    "sorry,we're not into fat little preachers today!" said to my mate,not me.

    Actually the worst said to me was "let's do some more FS after lunch"

  • dedpoet

    I had quite a few bad ones, but the woman who accused us of being child killers because of the blood doctrine was probably the worst.

  • beksbks

    The one that sticks out in my mind. I was about 7 or 8, myself and another little girl went up to the door and knocked. A lady looked out of the window which looked over the porch, and as soon as she got the gist of who we were she said "You should be ashamed of yourselves!"

    I was.

  • twolips

    Oh and another related one.

    Why arn't you in school ?

  • beksbks

    School??!! We don't have time for that nonsense! Armageddon is coming!

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