What's the worst response a person ever said to you in the field service?

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  • MungoBaobab


  • Confession

    Don't think I ever had any death threats. I just remember a little, weasely guy--about 100 pounds--saying with a red face, "There's the road, guys. Hit it!!"

  • jeanniebeanz

    When I was a kid, the 'nudist colony' was a big thing... 70's ya know...

    Yep...found a bunch of them nubile young peoples and they was very friendly too. Asked us in and offered us some kinda herbal tea... I was amazed since I'd never seen a neked male body before that furry... was disappointed when dad took my hand, politely declined, handed the man a tract and offered to come back with someone not so tender in years...


  • bennyk

    Kindly Householder: "You have five minutes to get out of here before I loose the dogs!!!"

    Me, about 15 years old: "Oh, no problem. I can explain why I've come in less than two minutes..."

    And there was the time a guy threatened me with a stiletto: "I don't want none of that jive -- unless you want this!!!"

    Me, abou 8 years old: "Ummm. No."

  • AlmostAtheist

    LOL @ Mungo!

    The most unnerving response was when I went out on CHRISTMAS DAY (like a freakin' idiot). I knocked on the door, the guy answered, looked me and my buddy over and said in a I-can't-believe-you-have-the-nerve voice, "It's Christmas." He didn't yell it, that I could've handled. But this shock, this disbelief, this dumfoundedness at our total disregard for his family's and our own culture's traditions -- it ate through me like a knife attached to a chainsaw.

    I never went out on any holidays again. That was a dozen years ago, but I can still hear his voice, still see his face.

    Dave of the "never again" class

  • jwfacts

    I was talking to a lady at the door and the husband came screaming down the hallway and literally chased me down the street.

    Another person was outside hosing their garden and said if i stepped on his property he would hose me.

  • DannyHaszard

    30 years ago a college professor told me that Jehovah's Witnesss were an Adventist spin-off of the second Adventist from the William Miller movement of 1840.

    This 'finding' was to come roaring back 20 years later.

  • Maryjane

    Let's see...a few experiences stand out: - the man who told us we were "Satan's Witnesses" when we tried to offer him a tract - the man who listened to our presentation then proceeded to take of his belt and whip it at us! - the woman who opened her door to reveal a full Santeria altar and glared at us and told us she was a high priestess and was proud of and happy with her religion - the [very sexy & muscular] man who came to the door in a towel (actually, that might've been the best!)

  • JH
    Go F**K.. yourself

    Yes, good translation.

  • luna2

    Had one man, who was lying on his livingroom floor (back problems) with the door open scream at us that his daughter had committed suicide because she believed the JW bull about paradise. Told us to get off his property immediately. We got.

    Have had men come to the door in towels which is always a bit awkward...Here, let's read this exciting Bible verse as you stand there bare chested, adjusting your towel and dripping all over the place.

    One guy told a friend of mine that she needed to lose weight. I'm not sure if she placed any literature with him after that "conversation stopper".

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