Is Christmas for Pagans?

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  • MsMcDucket

    According to the dubs, all of christendom are pagans. So therefore, all of christendom celebrate Christmas (well for the most part).

    Now, how do you like them apples?

  • Sunnygal41
    Given that so many practises associated with Christmas are blatantly Christian in origin, is Christmas truly for Pagans?

    Hi, Ross!! Happy Winter Solstice/Kwanza/Three Kings/Chanukah/Christmas! LOL!

    I'm a bit confused as to where you got the information to make the statement that practices associated with Christmas are Christian............or is this one of your little tongue in cheek threads? Everything I've pulled out on "Christmas" celebrations are definitely of "pagan" origin............the mistletoe is from the druids, the evergreen/fir tree is Norse/Germanic, and most of the festivities are rooted in the ancient practice of warding off the darkness of the long winter and welcoming the return of the sun. It's quite interesting that although many of us may not even consciously think of this, I believe it is very much a part of our human psyche and that is why we all so universally adopt these practices even in our "modern" world.


    The Scots celebrate Christmas rather somberly and reserve their merriment for New Year's Eve, which is called Hogmanay. This word may derive from a kind of oatcake that was traditionally given to children on New Year's Eve. The first person to set foot in a residence in a New Year is thought to profoundly affect the fortunes of the inhabitants. Generally strangers are thought to bring good luck. Depending on the area, it may be better to have a dark-haired or fair-haired stranger set foot in the house. This tradition is widely known as "first footing."
  • Undecided

    My brother and his wife were booted out of the Christain JWs for decorating for Christmas, so I guess they are pagans now. They enjoy the pagan parts of Christmas, the tree, gift giving, decorations etc. but not the Christ part. So I guess it is for pagans.

    Ken P.

  • MerryMagdalene
    MerryMagdalene looks like I'm just bad bad bad any which way this pie gets sliced...LOL

    When I was a Pagan I celebrated Winter Solstice (alone) ON Winter Solstice, because I loved nature and enjoyed the change of season. A couple days later I celebrated Christmas (with my Christian friends), because I loved and respected my friends. Bad Pagan

    Now that I am a Christian I will still celebrate Winter Solstice (with my friends who are now Pagan) because I still love them and nature, and enjoy the change of season. A couple days later I will celebrate (for the first time) the birth of Christ and think about how the Pagan Magi found and honoured him, not necessarily because I believe that he was born at this time but because I am glad that he was born at all and glad I found him. Bad Christian

    I think I deserve a spanking...or, at the very least, a good tongue lashingAnybody...?


  • daystar


    You're so funny...

  • Gretchen956
    what goddess-fearing pagan would get involved in such a Christian-tainted celebration?

    Ross there you have the difference between christians and pagans. To you god fearing makes some kind of sense. But those who revere the goddess and worship her do not fear her. There is no original sin, no satan, all christian constructs, and no ultimate retribution for sins. But thats another conversation. I very much respect your right to believe that way, just wanted to clear up that little bit of confusion!

    I know you are ignoring me!!! (standing up, waving arm, ****me, Ross, I am a self-respecting pagan that celebrates the season/solstice/yule on your christmas day***)

    don't tell me I threw that muah away, boy!!


  • daystar


    Ever heard of satire?

  • Gretchen956


    Of course, I do, silly. Just wanted to make Ross quit ignoring me!


  • LittleToe

    Now let's not get pedantic with semantics - revere, fear, tis all the same in my book

    A "muah" is never wasted


  • lola28

    like yeah, if Xmas wasn't for pagans it woudn't be as much fun.


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