Is Christmas for Pagans?

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  • Honesty

    What "true Pagan" would want to get mixed up in such a decadent celebration with such a history of Christian connotations?

    Certainly not any Jehovah's Witness who is in good standing in the congregation.

  • RU Saved
    RU Saved


    My point is that most people who celebrate Christmas don't even know about the pegan roots. I didn't at

    least. It has now become a cultural thing.....with no intentions of acting out what the pegans did. If

    they ARE acting these things out, do they know better? If yes, than I see your point. But I don't think most

    people know, so why hold them accountable for what pegan did years ago? Where do you draw the line on

    what is acceptable and what's not? Does the "personal heart condition" matter at all in celebrating a certain

    day? .

    Thanks for the replies.....

  • RU Saved
    RU Saved


    I think I may have read your question wrong.

  • googlemagoogle

    Was my true "heart condition" evil like the pagans of yesteryear?

    why do you think pagans have an evil heart condition? isn't that discmininating?

  • zagor

    Well accoriding to what I've heard the other day on Discovery channel even though Jesus was born in April apparently it took wisemen from east some 8 months to get to Jerusalem. Conclusion was that while December 25 is probably fake, wisemen probably say Jesus 19 December Wow huge difference!

  • MsMcDucket

    Becoming a dub f'd upped everything. It makes you think in these stupid ways. Before becoming a dub, I never even considered any day a pagan holiday. Then the dubs started telling me this and that. Made me scared to leave my house. They were telling me that even putting out a "welcome" mat on the doorstep was pagan. I have to do what I think is right. I'm not trying to honor false gods. I'm trying to live my life the best that I know how. If I keep thinking like a dub, I will go absolutely crazy!

    We have to remember that the dubs don't have it right either. They put their own spin on everything.

  • funkyderek

    No, it's for capitalists!

    Now stop shit-stirring and pass that doobie!

  • LittleToe

    Derek:I've specifically started a thread just for your "sort":

    I agree that there is a huge capitalist element, but that's entirely off-topic!

    My question remains - what goddess-fearing pagan would get involved in such a Christian-tainted celebration?

    Oh, and happy Yule!

  • barry

    I /dont have any Jewish blood in my veins so doesnt that make me a pagan? So yea christmas is for pagans. The jews celebrate hanooka about this time dont they?

  • LittleToe

    An interesting point and one that I'm sure will come up in another thread, but you don't fool me with your wiley Seventh Day Adventist ways!!!

    Let's keep it on topic, huh?

    What, for the love of goddess, would make a pagan celebrate such an evidently Christian event?

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