I have a couple of questions about the bible..Please help! Elders got upset

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  • rebel8

    Does it make sense for someone to be punished for using a gift given to him?

    If it was Jehovah who gave us the gift of free will, why would He punish us for using it?

  • stillAwitness

    I was just thinking that too. If David Christopher is your real name you may want to change that immedietly just in case. People on here are real helpful. I know how it can be when you've got questions that nobody seems to either not want to or just can't ansewr. Good Luck!

  • free2beme
    If bad associations spoil useful habits, Why did Jesus do it?

    Jesus was suppose to be here to save us, remember? No one was equal to him, if you believe the Bible. He had to come to bad association to get anything done, to make them good.

    Why is nothing new ever discovered from the Bible?

    Well, you might want to look into some information about how the Bible borrowed a lot from other neighboring religions and how it is often seen as myth.

    When we are turned away at the door, why do we not search the scriptures to find more information to convince that person to turn back from their bad ways, so they will not be destroyed?

    Because they would call the police for harassment! Second, JW's teach that if Jehovah is in their heart, you wont need to. They will just listen. (God! I actually used to believe this )

    Would that not be "Treating others as we would want to be treated." I mean, we would want others to do that for us if we were misled and facing destruction. Why did I get into trouble asking questions about things I read in the bible?

    Because you did not question the bible, you questioned how the Witnesses teach it.

    Are we not bible students?

    No, your students of the Watchtower's interpretation of the Bible.

    How can I learn if I am not allowed to ask questions?

    Might want to look into techniques of brainwashing.

    Jesus said "This means everlasting life their taking in knowledge of You, the only true God." I am confused how I am doing anthing wrong?

    You do know this is a former Witness website, right?

    Should I wait for the next Watchtower? Please help me, is searching the scriptures wrong? I am afraid I am going to be barred, and my friends and family are not going to speak to me anymore.

    If you are sincere, and sound like someone who is in the religion, then you might want to get a CT scan as you seem to have forgotten a lot and maybe you are experiencing a mental brain problem. As no active Witness would make this statement with a sincere heart, and go to a site that is clearly a former Witness website to ask it. Having fun?

  • DavidChristopher

    Thanks for the support guys! I have no plans to give up, until I am dead, dead, dead. My mother is still there at the Shepherdsville KY cong. I used to to believe she really cared about the truth, but I see by her actions, it is merely a "country club" to her. You know what is really strange? If the "organization" is trying to get us to "follow", "worship", or generally wanting our faith to be in them, instead of Jehovah. That sounds a awful like Satan's goal as well. I tease my Mom all the time about her 144,000 gods. I truly hope you are reading this Mom. you know, when Phillip was sent out to the Eithopian enuch, that eunuch, went away rejoicing, able to somehow read on his own, he didn't have to follow Phillip until he died, seeing him 3 times a week. In fact, He never seen him again! Why is that? Did he send him to a local congergation or something? Somehow, I don't think so. I will never try to come between a Father and His children, considering I am a child myself. I think He would rather teach us Himself, and that is my goal on this search. He is teaching me, and I think He should teach everyone like he has me. Anyone have a problem with that? Speak up.

  • DavidChristopher

    Let me explain what true "truth" is. Don't touch a hot stove it will burn you. It is common sense. It is there. It is a lot of work, but I know that promise "seek and you will find." is also true. I have found that out firsthand. Many people who are lying, or have bad intentions DON'T want to find the truth, or want others who are following their lies finding the truth either. Why would they want to? And NO, I am truly ashamed of "Jonah's Witnesses". it is funny how the boat thing went down, Jesus was also in a boat when a big storm rose up. Why did he get MAD because Jehovah spared them, every one? Would Jesus get mad if we repented and were ALL spared? Would the Witnesses? Would the Pharisee's? I think it is time to throw Jonah overboard again, and wake Jesus up to quiet this storm or we all going to die. This was the question that got me put out, because a certain elder who had been reading the book for 40 years, could not see how I found that, and I did in about 3 weeks. He kept interrogating me to reveal who was teaching me, He could not comprehend, I found it reading for myself, and asking for a little help from up above. That was 8 years ago. Motivation is the key. If you are searching for power over others, you won't find it. If you are searching for answers to save EVERYONE, you just might find you are on the same page as our Heavenly Father. I want to do for everyone what Phillip did for that Uunuch, That is my goal on this seach. It is hard to mislead people who know the stove will burn you with a lie. I will not rest until all churches are burned to the ground, obsolete. I want to expose them for what they really are. And I feel confident our Father wants the same thing. If I am wrong? well my intentions are right as far as I know...although I am confident there are some who would say this is "wrong" in their eyes. Good thing THEY won't be judging me when I am dead.

  • AuldSoul
    If you are searching for answers to save EVERYONE, you just might find you are on the same page as our Heavenly Father.

    I think you have something there, DavidChristopher. I could tell from your posts that you were young, but your reasoning and focus is exceptional on this point. Or even searching for answers to save yourself, eh?


  • Panda
    DS wrote "The Bible is the moral guide for our lives."

    Drew Sagan you have got to be kidding! The Bible is more like an amoral guide... genocide condoned and ordered by God... Paul condemning women as second class citizens ... early christians killed because they didn't give all the money that they promised to the congregation???

  • DavidChristopher

    Auldsoul, Absolutely! I think I am the biggest sinner of them all. But....He that sins the most, and is forgiven, loves the forgiver the most. Funny how that works. Before you know it, Judas Iscariot might even be forgiven to be as an example of "undeserved kindness". After all, who sinned against Jesus the most? I wonder who the disciple whom Jesus used to love really was? Had a few questions about that as well.......

  • jwfacts

    you have some interesting ideas David.

    I like the bit about Jonah. He was upset that God saved everyone in Ninevah. Can you imagine if JWs got through Armageddon and found they werent the only ones saved, how pissed off would they be? "I devoted my life to a boring organisation for you Jehovah and you've gone and saved everyone else as well, its not fair!!!".

  • DavidChristopher

    I know. It really disturbs me too. kind of reminds me of the prodigal son and the late workers wages parables. Would you be upset? I wouldn't. I would like to ask some of "Jonah's Witnesses" that question, but I don't think I would get an truthful answer. Kind of funny really. Because if they were obeying the commandment Jesus gave, they would be committed to that very thing. They sing pretty songs, and talk some pretty words, but their actions tell me what I need to know. I wonder what "bad associations" mean to Jehovah? I would not be suprised to find it is really THEM. If it is....Who is going to warn them? How do WE know who is misleading, or who is being misled? I still love my Mom, I hate her actions, and she is in real deep. Do I give up?...or keep searching to find answers to persuade her to leave her "town" and hope back on the "road" to truth? Well....I don't think giving up on her and judging her as a goat is the correct answer, I would not want anyone to give up on me like that.

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