I have a couple of questions about the bible..Please help! Elders got upset

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  • jwfacts

    i wish i knew the answer to the question about your mum. It is usually impossible to change the mind of someone truly committed. The more you try to change your mum the more she will resist you. All I can hope is that she keeps contact with you, that family keep in touch is more important than whether they believe what you believe. I have had many discussions with my mother and never cease to be amazed by the unintelligible reasoning she uses to protect her self from acknowledging she may be wrong.

  • DavidChristopher

    I have the same situation here. I feel like finallyfree, She would listen if I wore a suit and built a podium to exalt myself on. She has admitted many times I have points she she can't dispute, yet that is far as she will go. She is afraid to ask her "elders" about them for fear of being pitched out like me, or maybe even stoned. My Dad on the other hand, he is out. we found out together that they have the same goal as satan. Heres how it went down....He was explaining to me what satan wanted what his goals were...It came to me...Dad, do you realize that you just decribed to the same goals as religous leaders, and the organization? At that was that, It was awesome. Me and dad just agree now when we talk about these things. I think they even stopped the "shepherding calls" to him now. You know, my mother seems to care so much for these people, yet she would rather let them be led, and herself as well by blind guides. She kind of reminds me of Lot's wife. I have not set foot in a KH in a long time, wonder what would happen if I went to a BS and asked a few questions in front of everyone? Maybe I could get some answers. Would I be wrong for doing that?

  • Crumpet

    Sorry I am a few days to welcome you to the board David. I love it when a newbie pops up with a question I haven't thought of yet that the JWs cannot possibly answer such as yours about Jesus having bad associations.

    and rebel 8 - excellent point honey:

    If it was Jehovah who gave us the gift of free will, why would He punish us for using it?
  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff
    I have not set foot in a KH in a long time, wonder what would happen if I went to a BS and asked a few questions in front of everyone? Maybe I could get some answers. Would I be wrong for doing that?

    You would not be wrong. I doubt they would attempt to answer them though. And you might be barred from the meetings [yes they can do that]. If you are baptized, you would prob start the ball rolling toward df'ing to do such.

    I see alot of myself in you. I had the same questions, dared to ask them too.

    Stick around. I like your style.


  • DavidChristopher

    I would do it in a second, but I cannot be DFed As I was never babtized, I only made it 3 weeks before being ejected. I really have no fear in doing that... Why should I? Jesus would not get upset about it. In fact, I suspect that is worshiping Him. If I was killed for it, well i would be in good company. I would say according to their judgement I would have a serious "authority problem" My Mom said today that you are "jerks" for questioning these things as I do, So I asked are you saying I am a "jerk"? She said "no" . I always ask her if I am doing anything "wrong" by searching the scripures, and she always says "no". I am waiting for her to tell me I am wrong for doing that. Even better, I can't wait till she trys to prove it! Give me one scripture that can be twisted to say this is wrong. I am sick of seeing spendind their entire lives putting their faith in, and chasing a bunch of blind guides "wisdom", and trying to measure up to THEIR ideas of what "perfect" is. I would like to see people questioning and putting faith in the bible as I have. I have not been disappointed one bit. Is "work" really "work" if you enjoy what you do?

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