Beginning to not care... again

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  • daystar


    I'll be there by hook or by crook.

    Potato salad?! Don't I have a say in anything? (So, hmmm... homemade by Mr Bachelor? or storebought by Tom Thumb?)


  • whyamihere

    Oh thank god....I was really sad!

    Oh yeah I am done talking about JW shi....I mean stuff.


  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    I think it is called growth. Nothing wrong with that.

    We are all at various stages of the process.

    Hope to see you here from time to time. Continue the growth.


  • Sassy

    Daystar, I think as we heal from exiting... as we have less of those exit issues (even put away on a shelf).. we might find less need to be here.. we move on a bit so to speak..

    But its nice to know we can come back when we have the need. I know i am not on nearly as much as I used to be and so many new ones have joined and I wonder how many know me.. but you'd be surprised how many can miss you and be happy when you come post now and then.. at least that has been my experience..

  • Apostanator

    All the best to you Daystar....There's nothing wrong with that. Seems like a natural course of events that all of us will achieve sooner or later.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    The nice thing about recovery is that we get to grow in ways we would not have imagined.

    There are ups and downs. We think something is done and then life throws you a curve aball and you're back for another go round.

    If and when you do decide to leave you WILL be missed - especailly after this weekend

    And hey you know where to find us if you need us

    But I'm glad you're not leaving yet

  • Eyebrow2
    As my rate of posts here dwindles, I know most of you here will begin to forget about me. This is fine. It is the way of things. I'm going to the Dallas 'fest this weekend, and I'm sure I'll get along with most. Maybe I'll meet some people I can be real friends with in "real life"... maybe not.

    That is why I pretty much keep coming back. I was posting and reading a lot more when I first joined. Luckily, the DFW area has a lot of local people, so we seem to have a good number of get togethers every year. I think you will meet several people there you will want to keep in touch with offline.

  • heathen

    Yah this place gets adictive . Life is too short to sit around rehashing the same stuff . This is the first place where I ever heard so many aweful stories of the cult that I just seemed to get more and more interested in finding the facts .

  • sass_my_frass

    I think it's perfectly healthy, that you'll soon not need to come here so much. Congratulations, this process has a beginning and an END, and you've nearly reached it! You're nearly an ex-ex-JW!

    It's going to be great for you! The very best to you

  • tetrapod.sapien

    hey daystar man,

    i have always enjoyed your posts and any back-and-forth we had.

    i am basically in the same boat as you these days, regarding being an exJW. it's cool, it's just the way the cookie crumbles. i just don't really care anymore. my (ex) wife even told me that that she has started her own research into 607 and UN and blood and evolution. and i am not even really that enthused about it anymore. i gave her some urls, (she already knows about this one), but i have my own issues to deal with now. more so, i just want to get the hell on with my life. i'll probably always be an exjw, i just don't plan on dwelling on it, nor do i feel like i want to.

    take care dude, and email me if you want: (pm)


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