Alot of Questions regarding Jehovah God.

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  • luna2

    Weeeeel, I don't know what the officially official WTS stance is, but these kids (see link) at least grew up as witnesses. Their dad is an elder (or was. I haven't been around for several years so I don't know his status now) which may have helped keep them off the congregation shit list, at least initially.

    My son saw them at a concert he went to several years ago. They opened for some more famous group (can't remember who). He said they were awesome. I was an active dub at the time and they, as far as I knew, were still considered good association, although their hair was rather extreme. No idea if they are still associating with the congregation any more. One would think that the hair thing would be a sore point if they are still attending meetings and such. LOL

  • TopHat

    You might ask an Elder before the meeting if you can play some of your music instead of the music from the song book before and after the talk on Sunday.

  • anewme

    Geetarfreek, you are very young and no doubt talented. There is nothing wrong in all those things you mentioned. The danger is associating with those engaged in a lifestyle that is harmful and ungodly.
    That is all. Surely Jehovah's love extends to all the rock and rollers and their homies and all associated in the music business. The WBTS is merely trying to spare you and other teens from pain and trouble.

    The meetings are purely for your benefit. They are set up for your consistant feeding of spiritual food for your spiritual health. But you are free to partake or not.

    "Young man" the scriptures say somewhere "go and enjoy and do what your heart dictates, but know this, you will account for your actions"

    Geetarfreek, anybody who has lived awhile knows what you are going through. We've been there, done that.
    You must learn your spiritual lessons in life too.

    Always remember that Jehovah loves you. He wants you to be truly happy and wants the very best for you.

    There is a way to bring praise and honor to God through guitar playing.
    You must find it.

  • mrsjones5

    What about Christian Rock and Roll? Is that bad too?
    Yes, horrible. All of it!

  • Geetarfreek!

    Thanks for your help people, it's appreciated.

    Just one question that no-one must have noticed thoiugh:

    When someone says the phrase "Oh My God", does God take offence at this?

    Thanks again people. I already like the people here and this is place generally.

    Thank you.

  • AuldSoul
    When someone says the phrase "Oh My God", does God take offence at this?

    Depends entirely on your frame of mind.

    (1) If you are looking at a tree and thinking about a tree, then God will assume you are praying to the tree, God will be incensed and smite thee.

    (2) If you are looking at your reflection and noticing a large zit on your face that suddenly appeared 10 minutes before the big gig, God will assume you are vain and will be incensed, in which case God will smite thee.

    (3) If you are looking at a fine specimen of the opposite sex God will take it into consideration and if he agrees with your taste in the opposite sex it's cool, otherwise God will be incensed and smite thee.

    (4) If you have just sampled an incredibly tasty beverage for the first time, God may agree. Otherwise, God will smite thee.

    (5) If you are praying to God, God will smite thee. God knows who God is and it is annoying to be told thousands of times a day.

    I hope this is helpful.


  • misspeaches


    Of course you can play guitar. If God has given you a talent why not develop it and use it!?! There is nothing wrong with it. If you really do have a spiritual mind and believe in Jehovah then you would want to avoid songs that are immoral - by that I mean condoning fornication, violence that sort of thing. Not all heavy metal is about immorality either. I believe it is just a genre.

    Regarding saying 'Oh My God' I have personally never felt comfortable saying that. I usually say 'Oh my Goodness' instead. But that's my opinion pesronally.

    Mrs Jones - I like switchfoot too!

  • Sam the Man
    Sam the Man

    Hi, dont worry too much about Jehovah God, he doesnt exist and if he did he would probably want you dead by now for being anything other than Israeli.

  • Satanus

    You could always ask jehovah god directly what he thinks of stuff. The question is, what do you do when he doesn't answer? Is it that he has laringitis, has gone away on a business trip to look at some new galaxies, he is down in the dumps and doesn't feel like talking, he doesn't exist, he has handed all talking over to jesus the logos? If the latter, then perhaps you could start praying to jesus directly, instead of praying through jesus to jehovah, who then delegates it back to jesus, who then sends the answer through an angel, who ...


  • jeanniebeanz
    If you have been cautioned about the guitar playing Im sure it is only in connection with Rock and Roll.

    Rock and roll is associated with sex and drugs and of course no godly person would encourage anyone to join in a group that promotes ungodly conduct.

    hahahahahahahaha.... *snif* Good Grief...

    Afin, is that you??

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