Alot of Questions regarding Jehovah God.

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  • Nosferatu
    1. Does God have anything against JW's playing Guitar?

    Only if you play Kingdom Melodies on it.

    2. I f I have a family member of friend that I care dearly for but they don't believe in Jehovah God then surely I won't see them again after Armageddon day. Therefore how can we live in paradise if we aren't there with all the people we dearly love?

    Easy. Quit believing in Jehovah God too, and the both of you can die together.

  • Nosferatu
    I like quite heavy bands for the Guitar playing and enjoy listening to it. Does that mean God will punish me for this?

    Only if the Heavy Metal bands do covers of Kingdom Melodies.

    Also does God say we must go to JW meetings? I'm 17 and like showing my love for God in my own ways, is this OK with God?

    When has God personally told you that you must attend JW meetings? Can't find that in the bible neither. The JWs are the self-proclaimed one true religion, just like I'm the self-proclaimed brother of God.

    Also when people say the phrase "Oh My God", does God take offence at this?

    Only if you put the F word in front of the word "God"

    Back to the heavy metal issue; that's pretty much all I listen to. My life has been going extremely well over the past 10 years. I don't feel that I've been punished for liking Guns N Roses, Megadeth, White Zombie, Blue Oyster Cult, Saigon Kick, etc etc etc.

  • Geetarfreek!

    I really don't like the idea of being without Loved ones when Armageddon day comes. I'll need to find out more info on this.

    Thanks guys and gals.

  • ballistic

    Geetarfreek, I don't know if you're for real, but despite some of the sarcastic \ funny replies you got, I guess you realise by now that most of us have left the religion and believe we were basically brainwashed. Hope you stick around and find out the truth about "the truth".

  • DavidChristopher

    You cannot please everyone. Someone will say you are doing wrong in their eyes, somewhere. I wish I could play. I like 3DD and AC/DC etc...If I get smited for this...Well DON'T do it. If something bad happens to me for doing it DON'T do it. I would say by your actions, you really care about your friend. THAT could never be wrong. It is also a commandment if you care. Jehovah knows your heart and your intentions, worry about Him judging you, not mere people. You can hang up being judged "perfect" by a bunch of "imperfect" people.

    If they try to say you are a "bad association", ask them why Jesus did it, and let me know what they say. Also see if they can prove that THEY are not the "bad associations" ! I would be more concerned that I was not a "bad association" to Jehovah, then worry about their judgement of what you are.

    Here is a dilemma....I called my girl from my sisters telling her I was leaving to come home and watch our son so she could go to work. I leave and on my way I see a stranded motorist. I stop and help. There is a infant in the car. I go on home when I get there, I get cussed out and called a liar. Did I "lie"? or "change my mind"? Can I convice her I did not "lie"? Did I break the commandment? Thou shall not lie? This is what you have to remember when people accuse you of things. This is how people portay themselves as "perfect" they define their actions with whatever word sounds like a good thing, but when you do that exact action, they define it with a bad word. politicians specialize in this talent as well. Would the Supreme Court define my action as "lying" would they recommend I be stoned? (with rocks silly)

  • DavidChristopher

    nice post googlemagoogle!! very nice me thinking big time. Could you post that as a topic? I got your back....

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