Is it possible to hijack your publisher card from cong. records?

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  • Virgogirl

    Do like I did. Tell them you are moving out of town and that you will hand carry your card to your new Cong. Then don't!

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    Sometimes they put in a character assassination.

    Yes very true, thats how they persecuted me when I was an active Witness. They stripped me of all my priveledges and then when I moved due to pressure from the elder body, they sabatoged my character to the new elder body.

    Anyways sorry and back ontopic with the post. I would go with the suggestion to just walk in and ask to view your publisher card then proceed to tear it up or walk out like others suggested. I mean really what are they going to be able to do about it? Unless you have family or friends within you have nothing to lose, it may draw their attention but really who's to say you didn't just forget them in your pocket as you were walking out lol


  • TallTexan
    You could go all Splinter Cell, and break into the hall after hours, or better yet just burn down the hall and watch your card go bye-bye.

    Funny, jeep. There's a few elders I've known I'd love to do a 'Sam' imitation on and knock out and leave in a dark part of the alley. Better yet, set some C-4 around the perimeter of one of my old KH's while they were having an elder's meeting......

  • Dansk
    I've completely faded but ppl in my former cong. think I am attending a different cong. My publisher card is still with my old cong though. I would like to find a way to retrieve the card so i can tactfully fade into oblivion without the stigma of being labeled as 'inactive'.

    I, too, don't think it's worth bothering about. There's no stigma attached to being inactive other than in Watchtower - and who the heck cares about that! I obviously don't know your circumstances but this issue seems important to you. All I'm trying to show is that it REALLY, REALLY, doesn't matter that your cards show you are inactive. My own cards will show the same - as will those of my wife and older son, who was a regular pioneer. Perhaps it's better to leave as many cards in as possible that contain the names of inactive publishers. That way it shows more and more people are sick of the Tower and its teachings. There's more than one way of looking at things.

    My family and I have never been visited by elders to try and get us reactivated. I wonder if that has anything to do with the fact that I told them to stay well away

    Please sit down and try to view this in a relaxed manner. Your congregation has your record card, but your employment card is of more importance - as is your insurance card and medical card, etc. Don't give Watchtower more power than it already thinks it has. You don't need to worry about your record card at all. It means absolutely NOTHING in the greater scheme of things. However, because of all the brainwashing we've had to endure over the years I can understand how you might be feelling uncomfortable about it. Really, I DO understand - but once you can settle down and relax you'll realise your card means absolutely nothing. If Watchtower is going to hold information about me I'd rather it was information stressing my inactivity!

    I wish you well in whatever makes you feel better, but please don't follow the suggestions of being deceitful or lying to get your card back. I know Watchtower lied to us and continues to tell lies but I, for one, cannot bring myself to do likewise. I believe we are far better than them and so will not bring myself down to Watchtower's level. As mentioned, here in the UK no records can be kept by any organisation under the Data Protection Act. So, realistically, I could just go and ask for all my details to be destroyed - but, as I said, I rather like the idea of the knowing I'm inactive. I don't give a hoot!

    Whatever you decide, all the best,


  • jwfacts

    I have just lodged a request for my congregation records, citing the Australian Privacy Act. I will tell you how it goes. The elders manual does imply that they may use ecclesiastical priviledge to deny handing it over, but the Privacy Act is quite direct that a person must be given access to any information contained about them, and destroyed on request unless required to be retained by law.

  • Pwned

    i guess mine i gone then cause its been 10 yrs, hard to believe how fast that goes by

  • willyloman

    What Ian (Dansk) said ought to be the final word on this topic.

    Lighten up, it's just a 3x5 card with some scribbles on it. They don't have "a record" on you, for the most part unless there was a judical hearing... in that case, there is a sealed envelope full of the notes taken by elders who sat on your JC. Now, that, I'd be more concerned about. Except for the fact that the JW elders are the Keystone Cops of organized religion. These are not guys you have to worry about. Worrying about them just gives them power over you, and they have none. Chill, people, and move on with your life. Their records, their kingdom halls, will all disappear one day.

  • watch the tower
    watch the tower

    Thanks for all the replies.

    I really dont give a hoot about the congregational aspect of the card being kept. As some of you have said, it's just a card. I could care less what the org. thinks of me.

    The reason why this concerns me is the gossip that attaches itself with it on a social level. I would much prefer being in a situation where ppl say, so-and so moved to a different cong and assume that I am still in good standing than having them say so-and so is inactive. You know that this type of gossip floats around. Eventually this will come around to family members living in different locations who think you are active as well. It can get really complicated. I would like to maintain contact on a social level with all the ppl I know without the stigma. I have no problem with them. It's the org that I have a problem with.

    I think I'll keep the card as is until they decide to call. That's when I may use some of your suggesstions. Thanks.

  • billybob504

    Why not just admit that you have left and no longer wish to be recognized as a Witness?

  • billybob504

    Friendships based on false pretenses are not real friendships.

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