Is it possible to hijack your publisher card from cong. records?

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  • Mysterious

    Does anyone know the precident for unbaptized publisher cards and if they are kept the same length of time or not? I know I had a card for probably 6 years or so but I never was baptized so I'm not sure what would have happened to it. Ultimately I would love to have it to destroy, I'd love to steal my dad's card back too but it wouldn't really be more than a symbolic victory and I'm wondering if mine might not be deleted anyway.

  • why144000

    I was good friends with the PO and moved congregations. I asked him for our cards and he gave them to us. He figured I would keep them. We have not been to a meeting for over 3 years and even though the elders at the new congregation know where we live they leave us alone. We are not officially 'sheep' they have a card for so no shepherding.

  • geevee

    The society has a "protocol" and it was in a KM, that the record cards have to be kept for 8 years. If you move, then 8 years of cards should follow you. Periodically, the Body of elders get all the cards out, inactive etc and go through them as directed by their CO or the society and are then supposed to follow up and visit the "inactive ones".

    They also use personal judgements [bias] to determine reason why someone wouldn't be called on. i.e he threatened to shoot the next dub that sets foot on the place, or that they are a hard nut to crack or........

    But the magic figure is 8 years.

    Side point, before I packed in being an elder/secretary, I shredded heaps of these cards.........naughty but very satisfying, got rid of all but the current personal ones too!!

  • stillajwexelder

    YES - attend a meeting and ask the secretary if you can see your cards - you are entitled to see them anytime you want. Then just pocket them and walk out of the hall

  • atypical

    I have wondered this very thing many times. I shouldn't care, but it gets me riled up thinking about the fact that they have records of me. I had even thought of getting a PO box and placing a fake call, but I got worried that there might be something I don't know about the procedure.

    Plus, in my situation, they would know it was a ruse, because my wife is still active at the meetings.

  • blondie

    For those who live in the UK, how does the Data Protection Act affect this?

  • Mulan

    I know someone who got his and his wife's. A sympathetic relative was the secretary in another congregation. They claimed to move there, didn't, and the relative handed them their cards. This was years ago.

  • mkr32208

    I just took mine out of the box at the hall, tore it up and tossed it in the waste basket...

  • Oroborus21


    I have an idea you might try but it would only work in the event that the two halls were not in the same city and not very familiar with each other and if you have some help probably.

    First, give the secretary of your new hall the name of your old hall's secretary and an address that goes to your accomplice. (It would be best if the address was close to the old hall's real address. or alternatively you might say that it is the home address of the secretary.) If he asks for a number too give him your accomplice's. Request your new secretary to ask for your card pronto.

    then just sit back and wait, hopefully your accomplice will get the letter soon. when he does have him mail it back to you. Then you will have the form of the request, in case it is special. If there is no address on the letter itself, reuse it and just put the return address back to an address where you will receive the publisher's card. If there is an address on the inside or telephone number then recreate the letter.

    Drop it in the mail and voila! your old card should come to you in the mail

    -Eduardo Leaton Jr., Esq.

    PS: obviously the above entails deception. You could also try another tactic. and this might work for anyone who wants to get their current card. First, get a hold of a blank publisher card. It shouldn't be difficult. Next, Do what you have to do to have your new card transferred to your new hall. After your new hall has your card, as soon as they tell you that they have received it from the old hall, ask to review it after the next meeting. Say you want to be reminded about your past service levels and are resolved to do better but want to get a gauge for how you were doing. (at our Book Study they would let us review our card from time to time). You are entitled to review your card. Have the other card at the ready. Fill it out some and put a name on it that is almost exactly your name but with a slightly different last name spelling. Like insert an i or e or something. Then when the secretary lets you review the card, like in the library, when he isn't looking pull a switch-a-roo. Pocket the real card and give him the other. Chances are he won't be that familiar with it yet so he won't notice and he won't notice the slight mispelling either I am not sure whether the above is gong to do anything for you since a record of your membership is kept at Brooklyn Bethel. Also for anyone who has discipliinary actions simply having a card is meaningless since it is the letters in your file or the sealed envelopes and summaries of the discipine action that are part of your congregation file that you want. These can only be obtained through theft or possibly you can obtain copies through legal process. -Eduardo

  • stillajwexelder

    For those who live in the UK, how does the Data Protection Act affect this? I live in the US but will answer you. The publishers have to sign their record cards allowing the WTBTS to record data and personal info. Publishers are permitted to view their cards anytime they want.

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