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    I'll make you a deal. Respond honestly and candidly to each of the question I asked from that 1974 Kingdom Ministry, and then I will respond to your question. By the way, I have an answer for your question that does not relate to CYA. They had already addressed CYA in a specific way, as I will explain once I get your answers. If you aren't going to engage in respectful, give and take discourse with me then I really can't waste time on it.

    In point of fact, this post from the May 1974 KM partially addresses your question about planning ahead, too, in the portions that I didn't quote. Why don't you demonstrate to me that you give a rat's ass what I think about it and then I will prove that I reciprocate.

    If you can explain, from a hindsight perspective, why my heart should have been warmed in 1974 that people were selling there homes and property to go pioneer "in the short time remaining before the wicked world’s end" which still hasn't come 30 years later, I will answer your question about why they announced a District Convention for 1976.


  • AuldSoul

    Ah, forget it. I'll answer you anyway. Of course it wasn't CYA. If Jehovah's Witnesses are all that are left on the earth, will they stop having Conventions? Not according to the Society (since the 1940s).

    Think. I know it hurts, but try hard. "Grow to perfection..." what does that mean to you? According to the Society, there will be Conventions and Assemblies as long as there are servants of Jehovah on the earth. There will be need for volunteers to work, as well. That is why they were still accepting Bethel applications, etc. As they said over and over again, "we are training now for the New World." Did you think they intended things to change and suddenly no more meetings in the New World? Study up on your organizations history, Beep,Beep.

    But, as far as advertising in 1975 for a 1976 District Convention, I don't think you will find it. In fact, the statement regarding the 1976 district conventions omits one amazingly distinct detail. See if you can spot what is missing.

    w76 2/1 p.95 District Assemblies in 1976 ARRANGEMENTS are being made by the Governing Body of Jehovah’s witnesses to hold four-day district assemblies in the cities listed below on the dates shown. We encourage you to plan now so that you will be present. Further details will be provided later.

    Compare 1975:

    w75 2/1 p. 94-95
    “Divine Sovereignty” District AssembliesTHIS is a time of year when readers of The Watchtower begin to make plans to attend one of the annual district assemblies of Jehovah’s witnesses. The Watch Tower Society is pleased to announce that arrangements are being made for such assemblies in the northern hemisphere for June, July and August. Thereafter, if it be the Lord’s will, they will be held in other lands around the earth.
    “Divine Sovereignty” is the assembly theme—and a most appropriate one, in view of the fact that it is this issue that urgently confronts all intelligent creatures.
    The assemblies are four days long. The daily program will usually run from about 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and then from 3:00 to about 5:30 p.m. Arrangements are being made for a baptismal program at each assembly, in most cases on Friday morning. Unless otherwise indicated, the full program at the assemblies listed here will be in English.
    So that you can select an assembly convenient to you, the assembly dates and cities are listed below. We warmly invite you to attend for the full four days.

    Compare 1977:

    w77 2/1 p. 94 1977 District Assemblies of Jehovah’s WitnessesDURING the past six months, it has been reported that 2,333,115 persons attended 405 “Sacred Service” District Assemblies of Jehovah’s Witnesses in 56 countries throughout the world. This year an even greater number of assemblies is being arranged. This will make it convenient for more persons to attend. To help many with their plans, the following information is being provided on assembly cities, dates and areas from which Jehovah’s Witnesses will be attending.
    To assist you in making plans to attend one of the 110 district assemblies scheduled for the Continental United States, the following chart sets out the assembly cities and nearby circuits. To the extent possible, we recommend that you attend the convention shown for your circuit unless vacation plans or other circumstances make it necessary for you to attend elsewhere. In some cases the size of the crowd needs to be balanced with the seating facilities available and so some congregations in those circuits marked with an asterisk (*) may be slightly closer to another convention city, but it would be best, if possible, to attend the assembly indicated so that there will be plenty of room. Where the chart indicates that a portion of a circuit attend a particular assembly, such as 1/2 or 1/4, and so forth, it simply means that those living in the part of the circuit closest to that assembly would attend where indicated, but the rest of the circuit would attend another assembly closest to them, as shown elsewhere on the list. In a number of cities where two or three assemblies are being held in succession, we are recommending that the brothers in the circuits listed in the chart attend during the particular week indicated, to the extent possible, to assure adequate seating for everyone. Additional details will be provided later.

    These are on the CD. So, Beep,Beep, did you spot the difference? They didn't expect to have to arrange District Conventions for 1976. They expected to be claening up the wreckage of the old system. 30 years ago. If you believe otherwise, please show why you believe otherwise.


  • Beep,Beep

    1 — Were Jehovah's Witnesses encouraged to sell their homes? Some say no. This was in the 1974 Kingdom Ministry, in May of 1974. What do you say the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society encouraged 31 years ago?

    (1) Yes, since the summer of 1973 there have been new peaks in pioneers every month. Now there are 20,394 regular and special pioneers in the United States, an all-time peak. That is 5,190 more than there were in February 1973! A 34-percent increase! Does that not warm our hearts?

    I see the encouragement for others to do more in the ministry, encouraging those who may have had the means to pioneer and could make the arrangements to do so

    2 — (a) Was a house and property a "needless weight" that "encumbered" some so that they were prevented from pioneering? (b) In article context, what is being encouraged here?

    (2) Circumstances such as poor health or responsibilities in connection with your family may limit what you can do
    in the field ministry. And yet, the pioneer ranks include many who have health limitations, as well as some persons
    with families. But these brothers and sisters are able to regulate their lives so that they can care for their
    responsibilities and still put in the 1,200 hours a year, an average of 100 hours a month in the field ministry,
    required of pioneers.

    Therefore, do not be too quick to dismiss the possibility that you, too, may be able to pioneer. Give it careful
    and prayerful consideration. Perhaps an analysis will reveal that your life is encumbered with needless weights
    that can be put off so that you can pioneer. Particularly may this be the case if you are single, or are married
    but have no children.—Heb. 12:1.

    No and there is still nothing wrong with having a home. The same as the previous question, to see if one had the means and the circumstances to pioneer

    3 — In article context, were Witnesses being asked to consider that Jehovah might view them as "living to satisfy personal desires, rather than to do his will" if they did not sell their home to pioneer? If not, what is being indicated by this article?

    (3) So, then, ask yourself: How am I using my life? Can I make adjustments that will enable me to pioneer? If I can,
    will failure to do so indicate to Jehovah that I am living to satisfy personal desires, rather than to do His will?
    Every one of us wants to be able to say, as did the apostle Paul, “Indeed, the life that I now live in flesh I live
    by the faith that is toward the Son of God, who loved me and handed himself over for me. I do not shove aside the
    undeserved kindness of God.” Gal. 2:20, 21.

    Where do you see any encouragement to sell one's home ? That has to be about the dumbest comment I have seen in connection with this. The facts speak otherwise. Did some sell their homes to move to other areas ? Yes. Why ? Because they saw a need and wanted to help others.

    4 — Apparently, as history has shown, such ones will proceed to become 53 years old in this system. In article context, do you suppose that is what they were encouraged to think about when they graduated?

    (4)Perhaps, though, you are not able to engage in the full-time service as a pioneer or at Bethel, because of having
    a family to support or due to old age and poor health. Why not, then, urge others, especially the younger ones, to
    seize hold of such special privileges? Help others to analyze their goals in life. Ask them what they are going to
    do when they graduate from school? Reason with them to see that the dying old world has nothing to offer. Help them to show Jehovah that they truly appreciate his undeserved kindness by volunteering to serve where his organization needs them the most, especially ‘in the days of their young manhood.’ Help those who now qualify for Bethel service to say, in effect, “Here I am! Send me,” by filling out and sending in their application. Eccl. 12:1; Isa. 6:8.

    Come on. The encouragement is PLAIN, to consider serving God full time by pioneering or in Bethel service.

  • AuldSoul

    Yes. I agree. The encouragement is plain, Beep,Beep. You just refuse to see it.

    Reports are heard of brothers selling their homes and property and planning to finish out the rest of their days in this old system in the pioneer service. Certainly this is a fine way to spend the short time remaining before the wicked world’s end.—1 John 2:17.

    Please examine this carefully, the part that you evaded in your post. WHAT are they saying is "a fine way to spend the short time remaining" (31 years?) given that 1 John 2:17 is used here.

    This is the portion of the paragraph you posted:

    Yes, since the summer of 1973 there have been new peaks in pioneers every month. Now there are 20,394 regular and special pioneers in the United States, an all-time peak. That is 5,190 more than there were in February 1973! A 34-percent increase! Does that not warm our hearts?

    Does 1 John 2:17 apply to that section? Let's see:

    1 John 2:17 — Furthermore, the world is passing away and so is its desire, but he that does the will of God remains forever.

    Well, maybe you believe they were using 1 John 2:17 to say pioneering is doing God's will. However, the closer contextual point would be getting rid of your "worldly encumbrances" to pioneer is the will of God.

    I can tell you do not want to see. No one can show someone who does not want to see, so why bother asking? I hope you have peace. And if not, I hope you find peace.


  • Beep,Beep

    ""I guess it is pretty clear you weren't a witness in the early 70s""

    I guess you would be wrong. I was baptised in 1973, however I grew up in a Witness family. My parents would have C.O.'s to the house for meals, the whole nine yards.

    That is why I have problems with what others claim as it goes contrary to my experience. Someone here has made the statement that C.O.'s started their visits by asking to the effect how much longer. Not where I was at and I would have heard it. I was one of six brothers running the sound system during this time.

    ""When were you associated? Are you still associated - that is, are you an active loyal, Witness in good standing?""

    First part answered above. Second part, in who's eyes ?

    "'I wonder what you think regarding the predictions of 1925. Did they not exist either?""

    Before my time.

  • Dune

    Your last answer is sending alot of signals.

    I hope you arent one of those people who get disfellowshipped and then come on the board to support WTS teachings.


    What about this one?

    In 1914 when the group went out and stood on the Brooklyn Bridge expecting God to rapture them up to heaven, they had not stopped the facilities at Bethel or anywhere else in the world.

    And please don't say "before my time." It's all there in the history books!!!

    Not everyone believed in the 1975 hype...I remember it being discussed in my house and my mom told all of us NOT to expect anything. She said she had been around for a long time and we would all do well to wait and see. However, 2 of my brothers told me on the side they felt sure this was "it". Like I said earlier I had a CO encourage me to quit school as it was "pointless, as we only had a few more months left!" That was his words. My mom had been around when they could not wait for each assembly as that might be the time the princes...Abraham, Isaac, David, etc. chose to return and they might be sitting right next to them. The thought was that they would choose an assembly as the time to put in their appearance!!! That's in the history books also. They looked for them for years but finally changed the teaching got "new light" and told everyone they weren't returning until after Armageddon.

    It could very well be that you were in a part of the country that didn't fall for the hype...that happens and it happened back then for sure. I knew of a few friends that didn't know all this stuff was going on....guess the CO's didn't believe it and didn't go along with the directives. It's kind of hard to find out this many years later as the WTS has tried very hard to sweep this under the rug!

    Do you see all the posts saying that it was taught? This has been discussed many times over here and elsewhere and the yes they dids outnumber the no they didn'ts! This is a free country and believe what you want...that's your choice!


  • Satanus

    I was a teen during the pre75 buildup. I remember a lot of the lines about it: stay alive till 75 is one of them. My sis put off dental work because of it. I know a couple that sold a paid for house to pioneer the few yrs before 75. I never totally bought it, and so, was not dissappointed. I did however, think that it would come before the end of the century, 2000. I don't know how someone could have missed it. I do understand how present day, active dubs can choose to forget the whole thing.


  • yesidid
    Someone here has made the statement that C.O.'s started their visits by asking to the effect how much longer. Not where I was at and I would have heard it. I was one of six brothers running the sound system during this time.


    T'was I who said

    CO's would start their Tuesday congregation visits by asking "How many months to go now, brothers?" The correct answer, of course, was however many months remained until September 1975.

    I actually heard a CO say those words. I was told of others who said similar things. That of course does not mean that every CO around the world said them. I do not doubt for one minute that your CO did not. But the fact that yours didn't does not in any way negate the fact that it was said.

    I respect that you did not hear it. Please respect the fact that I did.


  • cyber-sista

    I wonder how many faithful JWs sold their homes and possessions and gave all their money to the WT at that time? I would live to see the WT financial reports for the few years leading up to 1975. What else would truly loyal JWs have done with their money?


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