BeepBeep Needs to Know About 1975!!!

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  • William Penwell
    William Penwell

    I was there and grew up in the pre 1975 jdub's. The hype was real and the WT was careful enough to cover their butts when it all blew up in their faces. It was just a ploy to bring in new converts and more $$$. I recall studying with a in the late 60's and early 70's. I was told that I would not graduate high school in this "system of things". We were all encouraged to drop out of school and work cleaning windows, sweeping floors or cleaning toilets and go into the full time preaching work as the time was so short.

    BB I speak from personal experience, so unless you lived those times don't waste mine or anyone else's time on here justifying all the WT lies.


  • Beep,Beep

    ""No one can show someone who does not want to see""

    Or from my point of view, you can't force someone to see WHAT isn't there.

    Honestly AuldSoul, the FIRST time you read this did you REALLY think you needed to sell your home ? Did you instead need some one to pound, twist, poke, prod, pull, stretch or otherwise force this to make it fit what WAS written ?

    I know that my view is in the minority here but I would suspect that that's because there are very few real Witnesses here. The vast majority of posters here seem to be ex Witnesses, either bitter disfellowshipped ones, or those that left on their own for what ever personal reason. Even most of those who claim to be Witnesses are suspect, their words would seem to belie their claim. They do not mirror any of the Witnesses I have EVER known or been around.

    I guess we will just have to disagree on this.

    As for peace indeed I do and I hope the same for you.

  • ackack

    My parents (who lived through the 1975 stuff) downplayed the date issue. They felt (and I think its prolly sincere) that they shouldn't put too much confidence in a date, and so ignored as best as they could.

    There is obviously a fair bit of variance with regards to how much local speakers hyped it up. The talk over on quotes, "Serving With Everlasting Life in View" shows one example of it being hyped.

    Regardless, the numbers do not lie. There was a great disappointment after 1975, and this can be seen statistically. Did people get too excited about it? Sure, I'm sure some did, and threw caution to the wind.

    My complaint with regards to the Watchtower I suppose would be:

    • They suggested 1975 in the first place
    • They did very little to hold back the excitment and speculation, rather, they fanned the flames (that quote from the KM about selling houses)

    This leads to the other disappointment with regards the WT's behaviour over this incident. No apology. They never apologized for this mistake (or any other). I don't think an apology when one makes a mistake is too much to hope for.

    Having said that, I think there is enough room for both viewpoints, that 1975 was not a big deal, and 1975 was a big deal. So much of it depended on the local environment.


  • AuldSoul
    Honestly AuldSoul, the FIRST time you read this did you REALLY think you needed to sell your home?

    No, Beep,Beep, I didn't. What I thought is what I wrote that I thought. They were trying to encourage people to do this. They said it was a fine way to spend the short time remaining. Just because I am not as trusting as some were, is no discredit to those that sold their homes. They had faith in the word of false prophets, but they exercised their faith in the thing heard in a noble (if foolhardy) way.

    Beep,Beep, this will be my last post regarding your viewpoints unless you can first find a way to make clear whether you want to know what they were TEACHING or whether you are wanting to know what JWs were thinking about it.

    I am qualified to show you what they were thinking, but I don't know what every JW thought about it, and I won't try to answer to that.


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