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  • NewYork44M
    Garbage pick-up is just one...think about all the garbage the WTS generates

    Actually, the Wt has their own garbage trucks. But the real issue is the Wt has property that is kept off the tax rolls. This property is "lost revenue" for the city. This includes not only real estate taxes but consider that if these building were occupied with working people they would be contributing to the community by paying taxes and supporting local businesses who in turn pay taxes.

  • TopHat

    NewYork44M, Do they also have their own Garbage Dump? If so, where?

  • jgnat
  • NewYork44M
    Do they also have their own Garbage Dump? ; If so, where?

    I don't the answer to that. May be someone can provide some insight into where their garbage goes. I live in the Heights and see their garbage trucks picking up Wt garbage on a regular basis. Also,if you are not aware they have their own ambulance. But I am sure that if is a real emergency they call a real ambulance.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff
    The WTBTS are doing society a great Justice by making, dispensing, Spiritual food that if applied will lead to their everlasting future. What other ORG can and is doing that?

    And just what spiritual food is that? That they are the mouthpiece of God? That they have all the doctrines right - or if not just wait we will change them? That they are the 'ark of salvation'?

    All they have is spiritual 'assertions'. Please list the special spiritual food for us who need it then, for I spent 40 years reading those wonderful 'bible aids' and I did not get nourished. Of course I know your comeback, let me just go ahead in insult myself here;

    AK Jeff - That is your problem. You can't eat if you leave the table of Jehovah. D

    Did I get it about right?


  • mouthy

    When we picketed Brooklyn Bethel a few of the people that rent the homes( apartments ) from the WT said they are just as diligent at keeping all the tenents under laws( they make) as they are in the witchtower... We were talking to a couple of cops -who were on duty ---guarding them or us I am not sure(smile) But this woman stopped by & said to the cops & a few of us that was listening...." They watch the tenents like Hawks. they do keep the place clean -but the garbage trucks come very early in the A.M waking every one up ( like 4.30 a.m. )"he said they made a nice little flower park right by.(There property) but she said if anyone goes to sit in it -they send someone to preach ...So she dont go anymore. But a lot of people stop by & sit awhile -they can smell the lovely flowers & at the same time cant smell the" garbage"that is going to be served to them....

  • Beep,Beep

    ""NewYork44M, Do they also have their own Garbage Dump? ; If so, where?"" While I will not say with a certainity how things work in New York, here in Pa. each truck pays a fee based on weight. If it's the same there then what's the difference. Private haulers usually pay a higher fee here.

  • Sunspot
    I think you are just NIT PICKING at them because of the bad experience you had.

    Bad experiences or not----the eyes tell it ALL! Whether you are an avid JW or an WTS opposer---surely you can SEE all the tremendous waste of money in all the extra unneccessary frou-frou,s bells, and whistles that these places exhibit.

    When I was "in", we had constant and continous "counsel" on how to (not) spend money, how to save old and outdated clothing to wear "under" other clothing, how tosave money in any number of ways that were geared MORE to keeping more spare change in the JW pocket so they could DONATE MORE when asked (begged) on many occasions.

    Keep your eye simple---be content with what you have---be frugal, etc.......ALL of these mantras were tossed around to the average JWs----and THEN we go to downstate (NY) to see just HOW MUCH MONEY the WTS had shoveled out for waterfalls, landscaping, imported Italian marble flooring, thick expensive carpetting, and ALLLLL THE PERKS that anyone could ever DREAM OF! Remember ...WE had to SAVE UP to even GO to see this stuff.....WE had families with children, had mortgage payments, medical and dental expenses including insurance, and ALL the common bills that most people WITH families have to sweat out every month!

    Take a long hard look at Stan and July's pictures......and come back and honestly say that there was no misspending and over-the-top excessiveness!

    THAT's their idea of keeping THEIR eye simple? Please.....turn the page on that story.

  • TopHat

    Stan and Julye's pictures..I must have missed that...do you have a link please.

  • Lady Lee

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