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  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee


    In another thread you ask for evidence that the WTS does not pay taxes. We were specifically talking about the NY headquarters in Brooklyn. But the info applies worldwide (well except for France)

    Since the WTS pays no taxes the other home and business owners have to pick up the

    Are you sayin that the WTS is the ONLY Org. that doesnt pay taxes? If not couldnt you say the same for the rest who dont? JW pays taxes

    Have you ever been to the WT headquarters in Brooklyn? Do you have any idea how mcu property they own? How much space it all takes up?

    I have. The complex is huge!!! I'm not talking about 1 building or two. It goes on for entire blocks. And they don't pay 1 thin dime of taxes on any of it.

    Do your homework! Learn something about the organization you are so busy trying to defend.

    dfed. You come here and try to ask us for proof about your organization. Don't you see there is something wrong with this? It seems to me that x-JWs know an awful lot more about the WTS than most JWs.

    Shouldn't that tell you something.

  • forsharry

    Go Lady Lee!

  • mouthy

    Lee I think he is so wrapped up in trying to defend the WT -he has not answered ONE question-that has been asked him.. I feel so sorry for him -because I used to be like him... Defend the WT what ever it takes....By the way I need your prayers I have Shingles & Siatica....OUCH!!!!

  • katiekitten

    A pioneer from a congregation in Cheltenham UK went on holiday to USA to visit Brooklyn and the Farm. She came back just RAVING about how truly awesome it was, that she had never seen anything as luxurious as it. She described the chandeliers, how much they were worth, the carpets, the chalets available for visitors at Watchtower Farm, the room service, everything. She couldnt stop raving about it for weeks.

    I remember thinking 'can this be right? I thought we were always short of money, thats why my mum had donated her wedding ring to be melted down to help build the district assembly hall - like the Israelites did for the temple'. I just didnt ring true to me at all that one part of the org was scrimping and scraping for money while another part had chandaliers worth millions.

  • aniron

    Didn't we have something a while ago listing the Watchtowers properties in New York and their value.

  • jgnat

    In defd's defence, I think he was asking if the JW's are different than any other religious organization that receives tax exemptions. Also, he may have confused whether we think that individual JW's receive tax breaks (they don't).

    I think participants on that thread explained quite well that most religious/charitable organizations can point to specific examples of their charitable work. All the WTBTS has, really is their "educational work" through the publication of their books and magazines.

  • Woodsman

    It really is true that ex JWs know more about the WTS than active members. That is because we can read what the WTS releases to its members AS WELL AS other sources of information the active JWs are "encouraged" to avoid.

    So many times when I have JWs around I am thinking to myself; " I know something you don't know".

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Thanks JG I know the question that was asked but I think it sort of wound up talking about the WTS instead of JWs as individuals. That's why I opted for a new thread

    DFed take a look at what they own - this is just a wee bit of it and all tax free


  • Undecided

    I remember back when I was an active JW minister I would take milage in the field service off my taxes. There was a worldly man married to a JW that did my taxes and he figured out how to do this for me.

    Ken P.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    bttt so dfed might find it

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