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  • glitter

    a few of the people that rent the homes( apartments ) from the WT

    So... they rent out apartments paid for by JW donations to non-JWs? I didn't know this - I thought all the accommodation was for Bethel workers! So they're getting rent (how much - how expensive are rents in the area?) on homes bought with *our* money?

  • TopHat

    Thank You Lady Lee.....I have taken a tour of Patterson, Wallkill, and Brooklyn...but when you are a JW all you can think of is this: "Well at least they are building something nice with our money for the world wide work"....DUH I was foolish....My son who lives out west will be coming to visit us next week so maybe I will arrange for him to visit Patterson since he argues, they are not building mansions. Of course he has been on a tour there as a boy while the building was in progress. I feel he should see it now with all the opulence.

  • defd

    The WT has there own garbage trucks huh? Looks like yall need to do your own homework, you think? Just to add to that they also do an awesome job at recycling all thier waste. I think lady lee needs to due her homework before she starts a thread like this. respectfully yours


  • NewYork44M
    a few of the people that rent the homes( apartments ) from the WT

    When the society bought the Bossert Hotel there were some people living that would not leave. Due to the rent control rules in NYC the society could not force these people out. They are paying rent control rates and will live there until they die. I don't think that they have any rent control tennants in buildings other than the Bossert.

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