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    Hello all...just cant stay away from you...hehe

    At our recent CO visit, at the Elder/MS meeting where CO goes over a branch approved outline with us he spent 10 min on the subheading "Avoid Snares of Pursuing Higher Education"...something like that, my notes are at home but you get the gist.

    He essentially spent the time bashing University education citing among other things that a full 30% that go to college dont find employment in the field that they studied in. He again mentioned the dangers of immorality, drugs, etc.. you know the usual stuff. So it would seem that the WTS is hitting VERY hard against education again, this latest "reminder" from god cemented that for me. Also in the outline, of course, was more emphasis on following direction from (worshipping) the F&DS.

    Anyway just some "encouraging" thoughts I thought I'd share as we are encouraged to do from our recent CO Visit (Corporate Inspection)

  • JAVA

    Thanks for the update on the Tower’s encouraging comments about “Higher Education.” If 30% of college grads find it difficult getting work in their chosen fields, I wonder how many who don’t attend college find work in their chosen fields? Maybe window washers can always work, and toilets need cleaning too.
    I don’t know how you can sit through meetings like that XBEHERE, but it’s always interesting getting reports from behind enemy lines.

  • Gretchen956

    Without a college education you cannot support your family. At least and not be on the dole and live in poverty. It's getting more and more difficult for middle class let alone poor people in our country! Not that I want to get into that debate.

    About the WTS, they seem to go in cycles on these things. They advocated this for years and years, and then I think their bank account suffered, they were alway going on about donations being down and how they were struggling to pay for the "world-wide work". Yea right. So for awhile they loosened up. Now all of a sudden they are tightening the grip again. I think its because in most cases with knowledge comes freedom. The thing they are most afraid of is that college teaches you to be an independent thinker and exposes you to other ideas and "horror" the internet!

    Can't have that, now can we? How can you be a high control organization if you start losing control??


  • Scully
    citing among other things that a full 30% that go to college dont find employment in the field that they studied in

    helllllloooooooo!!! This is scaremongering, pure and simple. So many JWs lack confidence in themselves - thanks to the WTS and its constant reminders that they are worthless, dispensible and worm food unless they continue in WT self-flagellation - that they will hear this statement and immediately think to themselves "I don't want to be a statistic".

    The converse of that statement is: 70% do find employment in the field that they studied in.

    What a dingbat that CO is.

  • stillconcerned

    ...which goes back to the common refrain:

    If it's the TRUTH, it can defend ITSELF in the marketplace of ideas.

  • ithinkisee

    That "30%" statistic is a worthless statistic, but unfortunately JWs don't know any better.

    I mentioned something like that to my HR department and the global software company I worked at for 5 years.

    They said that it didn't particularly bother them if the degree the candidate has was for that specific field of work. More importantly, it says something about the candidate that has committed to and fulfilled a four-year (or more) obligation. It is also beneficial that the candidate has many of the ancillary studies in business, logic, etc etc.

    That's not to say that a degree in the field you work in isn't beneficial - and it is likely not true in EVERY field. But getting a job in a different field than your degree of study is not a negative - and the frequency of degree-seekers not getting a job in their field of study is common.


  • Oxnard Hamster
    Oxnard Hamster

    "He essentially spent the time bashing University education citing among other things that a full 30% that go to college dont find employment in the field that they studied in"

    That's not the point. The point is that education opens doors. Nice how they conveniently leave out part of the truth.

  • Virgogirl

    So, if 30% don't find a job in their chosen field, I'm betting they do find a good job in a closely related field, one they wouldn't get without the college education. He's not telling that part, that you will likely get something close to what you wanted and it willstill pay a lot more than a menial job without college! And, that is just initially, upon graduation...a person can keep trying to find the exact position they trained for, ya know, "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again!" Oh, that's not in the New Whirled Translation, lol!

  • cyber-sista

    Many big companies do have on the job training programs, but they would rarely hire someone who didn't have a college education. It doesn't matter what field you have studied in --having the degree puts you in the top running for jobs. College educated people have more options to change careers if they wish and don't need to be stuck in one particular job.

    OK, so 30% don't get a job in the field they are trained for, but how much higher a percentage of hiring opportunities do they have in general than those without a college ed? The 30% is such a dopey statement--the WT is always twisting the facts on things like this--the 30% is a highly uneducated statement.


  • daniel-p

    Well, by the time our CO comes around I should be on my way out - and certainly not serving anymore. I just can't take it anymore - these words spewing out of their mouth - its disgusting, misleading, ignorant... I just can't take it any longer.

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