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  • IP_SEC

    In the past I've seen comments from Witness apologist talking about the exwitness or apostate movement. People here are quick to come back with "there is no apostate movement."

    My question is, why isnt there? What is so wrong with there being even a loosly organized movement against the watch tower? Is it because of logistical problems with starting a movement? Is the taste in your mouth over "organization" so bitter that you reject it?

    I've been thinking about this for a while and Barbara's post got me to thinking a little more. What information could be so big? I mean we have the UN, Malawi/Mexico, pedophile, and Swaggert scandals which are each HUGE in their own right. Yet it makes little impact on the R&F dub. Why? For one thing they do not know. They arent going to listen to the evil slave, so unless they see it on the news the impact is null.

    Thats not to say the afore mentioned things have had no impact. If the witnesses come to someones door and the message sounds appealing, the first thing the house holder is going to do is look on the web and find all this out. Then the call will go nowhere. This is a big reason for 0% growth in the industrialized world.

    Is there a way to get the main stream media to take a serious look at us? When BA's info becomes public is it possible to get enough coverage so that it becomes the watchtowers Swaggert? Perhaps the info is big enough in and of itself to get big coverage?

  • JAVA

    The news media and people in general are not that interested in Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Watchtower Society. Not unless a famous actor that claims to be a JW jumps up and down on network TV because he’s in love, or a group of JWs hold up in a compound until they get burned alive. The Tower is just not important to folks unless you’ve been there and been one.

  • stillajwexelder

    6 million worldwide is not imprtant to most people in the world - they are just not newsworthy

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    In a sense, are not these sort of forums a form of XJW movement?

    Granted there is not clear organization as such - but there is a definate direction here - away from the Watchtower!

    One reason might be the clear fact that the Watchtower will just convert any info that comes from 'opposition' like us into 'persecution' - it works to their favor if there is any organized opposition - they find it a fullfillment of prophecy and it turns them even more intro-organization. And the whole message is lost anyway.

    example in point - until we got serious about leaving, we never even knew that R Franz had written any books, knew nothing of this website, did not know about the Swaggart thing, the UN, AJWRB or SL.

    The watchtower just keeps it's adherants in the dark with a strong 'persecution complex' and the threat of disfellowshipping. This seems to be a main tool. Would any kind of XJW organization really work against that?


  • skyman

    The best way is to write opinion letters to your local papers. EX: U.N.

    It gets noticed and talked about.

  • lonelysheep
    The Tower is just not important to folks unless you’ve been there and been one.

    I think so, too, because most people (in my opinion) who aren't affiliated with any jw's know that the wts is based on a bunch of bull and don't bother wanting to know anything about them, good or bad.

  • Sunspot

    What Java said was right on target. The WTS is only a zit on the face of humanity and doesn't get much notice when they do or don't do something. Only those adversely affected are the ones who follow the activities of the WTS, hoping that the Org will be "caught in the big one" some day before the victims die. I hope and pray that the nnews we are SO looking forward to hearing----will be JUST what we need to show how unchristian and unjust the WTS really is.

    And.....who's to say that there hasn't been organized groups who are fighting the evil WTS cult, that you aren't even aware of? If they were "undercover" so to speak.....how would you know?


  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    As stated above one big problem is the lack of interest the world has in the WTS and JWs.

    A big point for the media is - Can it be proved enough so that we don't wind up being sued by an org that has $$$$$?

    And of course the bad taste in our mouths for any type of "organization"

    But there are some other issues

    • being widespread across the whole globe
    • dealing with differing laws not only in different countries but sometimes even in the provinces/states within a country.
    • many here are working hard to build a life away from the WTS - we have a lot of years to catch up on
    • some people out of necessity have one foot still in the org and need to remain anonymous. Anonymous letters to the media just don't get too far most of the time
    • personal recovery needs of those who have left - there are often a lot of scars to deal with after years of neglect and abuse
    • the last thing we X-JWs want to do is give the WTS a reason to say "See! We told you they were organized!"

    And I think one other - organized to do what?

    There have been letter writing campaigns, media coverage, marches on Bethel and other places, people have picketed and then there's Danny (in a class all his own)

    People need a focus. When the silentlambs issue broke people had a purpose. There was a goal that many knew what was needed and did what they could to help.

    The UN issue was the same. So many people wrote to the UN they finally put a notice up on their website.

    We have had some amazing collaboration be some researchers here on this board. In comparison to the UN and the silentlambs issues they may not seem to have had much of an impact but thay have helped people top start thinking again. Many left.

    Sometimes it is the drip drip drip that actually does a lot of damage. Then when the dam is leaking we get a huge gape in the dam and it breaks. Hopefully this will be one of those breaks.

    Let's see what the info is before we start organizing.

  • wednesday

    Good points LL. I am still in touch with several JWS and none of them even know about he UN . The dateline story got covered over as work of apostates, and all the other things that we see as important, they will never see unless they are unhappy and ready to leave. I was in the org a very long time and never ever would have looked at a piece of apostate material. After the net appeared, I began to venture out,but I was so afraid. It tooks years for me to get this far. Loyal jws just rack it up to apostates at work,lies,etc.etc. JWS usually have to be unhappy and ready to leave before they will venture out.


  • Seeker4

    The XJW Movement has become an Internet movement.

    Go back and find Steven Cox's essay about this from a few week's ago. It's linked here on JWD.

    I'll try to express this briefly.

    Those of us involved here at JWD, and the earlier H2O, are the groundbreaking users of a new technology that can topple governments, high control organizations, religions and societys. We're like the earliest users of the printing press, mathematics or the telescope - though few of us will have to be burned at the stake for what we are doing. We're paying a much less severe price, while having a much more important impact, than did our thinking brothers and sisters 500 years ago.

    We can sit in our homes, reach out and in a matter of hours contact more people about an issue than Guttenberg with his printing press did in his entire lifetime. And we can do it without fear of being executed. Our greatest fear is of being shunned for the rest of our lives by people we love, which in its own way is similar to an execution. We will cease to exist for many of the most important people in our lives if we become activists in the XJW movement.

    What is our reward for this work, then? Creating a world where Jehovah's Witnesses and similar religions no longer exist - or, if they do, they no longer have any power over the people we love. For some of us, that is our children or grandchildren or great-grandchildren, and we will perhaps never even live to see the results of our activism. It doesn't make it any the less powerful - nor any less important.


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