Real Men!

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  • lonelysheep
    I put my lipstick while diving, if I have to!

    That'll get me blasting my horn at you!

    I do that, too, Legolas, if I'm running late.
    FF, so you mean to tell me men watching me do this aren't beeping because they think I'm sexy?!

    I hate slow drivers, if I have one in front of me I 'BLAST' my stereo to annoy them!

    If I'm in a bad mood, I ride their azz till they move out of the fast lane. Bad, I know...but I never claimed to be an angel.

  • Why Georgia
    Why Georgia

    I drive a truck that looks like the one in the picture...Black Ford F150 Supercrew Cab...

    Does that mean I'm a real man?

    And what am I over-compensating for? I do think I am over-compensating the gas companies...does that count?

    Chrystal aka Why Georgia

  • Soledad

    Real men and women leave the trucks and SUVs at home and use mass transit!!

  • loosie

    real men are kind to animals.

    real men aren't threatened by a real woman's opinion.

  • Legolas

    Young hearts....Thank you!


  • stopthepain

    To be a man is rare.Alot of know it alls,excuse makers and insecure bastards................did I mention ego.Women are the same with,but they have a vagina.

    jeanie beanz summed it up nicely though.

  • Legolas

    Lonely sheep...You and I sound the same!..LOL

    Why Georgia ...No that makes you a real woman!..LOL

    Soledad ...We are just starting to get that here. It only started about a month ago and it is by NO means MASS transit..It only goes to a few places! LOL

    Loosie .....I agree and so does hubby!

  • Legolas

    I agree with her to!

  • Finally-Free
    FF, so you mean to tell me men watching me do this aren't beeping because they think I'm sexy?!

    Some would beep because they think you're sexy, but REAL men would stick their tongue's out and wiggle them suggestively, assuming that would turn you on.


  • MsMcDucket
    Most of the men I know that have big truck and SUVs seem to be overcompensating for "something".

    Well, I don't think that my husband fits into the category. He has a lift on the back of the truck so that he can put his electric wheelchair in it. We have a Ford F-150 four door. He doesn't like the vans. I don't either, although I did have one when the girls were younger. The vans seem like their made for people with small children or lots of children. I dunno. We just don't like vans. We do have four daughters the youngest is 16. I gave the twins my car (I had a Ford Focus.). So we really don't need a van. We do need a big vehicle. My husband is 6'1" and my shortest daughter is 5'7". My youngest is close to 5'11" and she's not skinny by any means. I'm the shortest one in the family 5'4". My youngest likes to call me "Shorty".

    I guess that if he is "overcompensating", it would be because he's an amputee.

    That man has road rage like no other. He can't stand people that:

    Drive slow

    Don't use their blinkers

    Drive too far a distance behind another car

    People that talk on the phone while driving and more....

    He will flip the bird at a person in a heartbeat. I try to keep him from doing this by saying that could of been one of the kids school teachers, but that doesn't stop him. I think that he has Type-A personality are something. But then, I see that there are a lot of men like him. I guess it's the testosterone???

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