How do you give a cat a pill?

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  • Mysterious

    Ever seen a vet do it? They work some kind of magic I swear. My cat is good at pretending he swallowed it then trying to get let outside to spit it out there.

  • kazar

    This is quite an interesting topic. I have a cat and have yet to be able to give it a pill of any kind, so I am printing all of the instructions here.

    Legolas, your instructions are hilarious. Thanks.

  • alfie


    and wearing full body armour.



  • jwfacts

    I always crush in to a powder. Get a firm piece of meat of better still liver. Make a deep insertion into the meat and push the powder into the middle of the piece. They never even notice it was there.

  • Odrade

    I've never been able to hide a pill in a piece of meat. Most cats are too smart for that, I think. I usually put a little butter or hairball paste on the pill, then push it way back to the back of the mouth, almost down the throat. Then I hold the mouth closed, (be careful not to pinch the nose,) and rub the cat's throat until it swallows several times.

  • cruzanheart

    How to give a dog a pill: wrap it in bacon. Or stick it in a donut.

    Good luck, Elsewhere! Call me if you need a ride to the ER and don't want to get blood all over your new car.


  • oldflame

    I had to give my cat a worming pill once and the vet told me to put some butter on the end of your finger and set the pill in the butter. Grab the cat with your arm around it and with the thumb and index finger sqeeze the jaw and it will open, then insert the finger with the pill to the back of the throat and wipe the butter and pill onto it's tounge. No problem and the cat will love the butter.

  • Jeffro

    Follow Odrade's advice and gently rub the cats throat a few times after putting the pill in its mouth to encourage it to swallow.

    Failing that, get a dog instead.

  • Legolas

    Did anything work?

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    Put the cat in a room full of rocking chairs and have target practice with the pills?

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