How do you give a cat a pill?

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  • Elsewhere

    My cat is a little sick (all sorts of nasty things coming out the business end ). The Vet gave me some antibiotics to give her. One is pink and I squirt 1 cc into her mouth twice a day... I can handle that because luckily cats can't spit.

    I was also given some pills that need to be administered once a day... but she will pitch an absolute FIT when I try to stick it down her mouth. She always manages to bring it back up and slobber it onto the floor.

    This morning I crushing the pill into some soft cat food and she did eat some of it, but not all of it. (Admittedly I did not get this idea until after I had already fed her)

    Does anyone have any other ideas?

  • Legolas

    Your doing what I would have said!

  • lonelysheep

    I would continue crushing the pill into the canned food. Maybe don't give her an entire portion of food.

    My kitten would attack me if I tried shoving meds down his throat. Lol!

  • BrendaCloutier

    Wrap the cat in a towel (she will likely hate it) talking sweet to her on how much you need to do this for her benefit. Meow meow meow.

    With her tucked sort of under your left arm, pill ready in your right hand finger and thumb, Reace over her head and grab her around the muzzle and force open her mouth and pop the pill in quickly to the back of the throat. THeN hold her mouth closed until she swallows.

    With her tucked under your arm she'll want to wiggle backwards to slip out.

    The slobber reaction is normal when they get a taste of the pill - I bet it's clavamox. It's bitter.. If you can get it far enough back in the mouth/throat, it's more likely to be swallowed than slobbered out.

    Good luck.

  • Leolaia

    How big are the pills? How about crush the pills into powder, mix it with water and squirt with the dropper?

  • Jourles

    Hold her by the scruff from behind(hopefully she goes somewhat fetal) and poke the pill into the side of her mouth towards the jaw - her mouth will probably *pop* open just from your finger poking her. Keep holding her by the scruff until she ends up swallowing it. Our vet showed us this way and it works great.

  • Legolas
  • under74

    You either have to force it down OR crush it and mix it in with some high grade tuna or real chicken....something the cat can't resist.

    Only problem with that is... the cat might expect more of the good stuff.

  • Robdar

    Hmmm, I just wet the pill to make it easier to swallow, place the cat on my lap, give it some lovin', open it's mouth and pop the pill in. I then hold the mouth closed until it licks it nose, showing that it has swallowed the pill. It's very easy but then, my cats are perfect. Too bad your cat is a little rebel.

    Brenda Cloutier gave you the proper instructions but it takes 2 people if you are going to use the towel.

    Good luck.

  • bull01lay

    ROFLMFAO at Legolas!!!!

    I've seen that before, but it always has me crying with laughter - especiall since I've lived some of those scenario's trying to give my mum psychotic cat a worming tablet !!!

    Bull! < recommends using a catapult to administer tablets...

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