If JWs knock on Christmas Day...what will you say?

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  • diamondblue1974

    I always remember JWs making a special effort to go out on FS on Christmas Day...and near me they still do....what will you say to them if they should knock on your door?


  • under74

    I don't know...never had that happen on Christmas yet. Depends on the Witness I guess...and if kids are with them.

  • ozziepost

    Do dubs still call anywhere on Xmas day? apart from the beach, that is.

    What would i tell them? I'd be tempted to tell them to p++++ off I think, but I doubt I'll have that problem - I'll be out for Xmas dinner with friends!!!

  • blondie

    I agree, it depends on the JW. Since I am a fader I suppose inviting them in, giving them hot cocoa, and a gift from under the tree might blow my cover. But I doubt it. They don't call in this area, not for the last 5 years. Not enough publishers in the congregation; they're dropping like flies.


  • TopHat

    Just in case they do knock on your door on Xmas day....you can always tack on your door that an Apostate lives here. Other than that...Invite them in for some Egg-Nog...Be kind to them.

  • DannyHaszard


  • diamondblue1974

    I would be tempted to invite them in too....perhaps for a mince pie and a coffee!

    All the while religious programs are being played on the TV as background and the christmas tree is shining happily!

    See how long they stay then lol

  • under74

    mince meat pie? Even a JW might not be tempted by that. BLAHHH. YUCK.

  • diamondblue1974
    mince meat pie? Even a JW might not be tempted by that. BLAHHH. YUCK.

    No its like a mixture of fruits and spices all blended together...dont know where they get the name from but it doesnt have any relation to mince meat pies...I agree with you though...that would be putrid.

  • Why Georgia
    Why Georgia

    When we lived in California we had the JW's come to our house on Thanksgiving and on Christmas Day. Our house was one block from the KH and they came by our house every 6 weeks. My mother would get so mad and yell at them...this was long before I ever met my husband got married into a big JW family! LOL!

    If they came by our house on Christmas....it would probably be some of hubby's family and depending on who it was I might invite them in and give them cookies and fudge.

    Chrystal aka Why Georgia

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