If JWs knock on Christmas Day...what will you say?

by diamondblue1974 34 Replies latest jw friends

  • limbogirl

    I will probably not answer. oops...that would mean I was a not at home and they would come back. so if I answer I will just be polite and say not interested. my mom is still very active and may in fact be out doing this herself on christmas day. (hopefully not!) i suppose she deserves whatever response she gets but would hope that no one was rude or mean to her. afterall she's brainwashed...like most of us were at one time.

  • confused_101

    Well I think that after the first intial shock wore off, I would have them stand out in the cold (that's where I have been for quite a while) under all the christmas lights and decorations, and perhaps just have a little chat. "How's so and so" and "Oh really, that's great" and "Oh yeah, by the way I'm DFed. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year" and door slams. Pretty much every JW that lives around here would know me, I've been to at least 4 diffirent congs since I have lived in this part of TX (thanks to my parents moving around so much) so who knows if thay would know that I was DFed, or is there a news letter that is sent out when someone decides to join the dark side?

  • cruzanheart

    Hey, confused, welcome to the board! I'm in the Dallas area, so if that's your part of Texas I'm sure we'll meet up one of these days (in fact, next Saturday Eyebrow is having a party at her house, so if you're in the vicinity, come on over!).

    My experience with the elders in this part of Texas is that they're fairly lazy and shepherding calls are not their, um, strong point, especially if you're a female with no male presence at the Kingdom Hall. Makes it easy to fade.


  • lola28

    I was gonna go out in service with you but.....................


  • confused_101

    Howdy Cruznheart, I'm from the Houston area...darn it. It would be interesting to get together with you guys though. I know that my husband would really enjoy it. He loves talking about all this stuff, he asks me questions and I'm like "....duh, I have no idea". Maybe if I had paid more attention at the brain washings I never wouild have left....lmao! No I'm sure that I still would have.

  • DanTheMan

    "Well, if it isn't Je-HO-HO-HO-vah's Witnesses!"

    Ok, that was obvious, but I smiled when I thought of it.

  • Dune

    Good thing christmas is on a sunday cause i'll die before i go out on a sunday again.

    I might be going out on the friday and monday afterwards (I stress might, my brother might convince me to stay home). If i get any strange comments on the day before i'll tell you all, lol.

  • jt stumbler
    jt stumbler

    They probably won't because I told them never to do so again. But just in case they do, I will not answer the door.

  • willyloman
    I might be going out on the friday and monday afterwards

    I feel your pain. After I learned "the truth about The Truth" I couldn't stand to go out in service. I finally realized I was thoroughly ashamed at representing this hypocritical organization and when I spoke to people at the doors, I was fully aware that there was no way in hell I was going to invite them to the KH or do anything that might entangle them in this cult.

    After a few months of that I began evasive tactics and pretty soon I just stopped going altogether.

  • ColdRedRain

    "How about I come over to your house uninvited on your 'Memorial' and tell you that your deepest beliefs are false? Leave me alone before I get my crowbar."

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