Poll: Is DEFD an apostate?

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  • serendipity

    I didn't realize people here submitted to the authority of the WTS. What's the point of polling by their standards? It's like being at the KH, getting judged.

  • blondie

    The WTS, the DO, the CO, and the elders in his congregation would vote yes.

    Being on a DB is not different than getting apostate material to read.


    w86 3/15 p. 12 ‘Do Not Be Quickly Shaken From Your Reason’ ***


    No Dealings With Apostates


    Now, what will you do if you are confronted with apostate teaching—subtle reasonings—claiming that what you believe as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses is not the truth? For example, what will you do if you receive a letter or some literature, open it, and see right away that it is from an apostate? Will curiosity cause you to read it, just to see what he has to say? You may even reason: ‘It won’t affect me; I’m too strong in the truth. And, besides, if we have the truth, we have nothing to fear. The truth will stand the test.’ In thinking this way, some have fed their minds upon apostate reasoning and have fallen prey to serious questioning and doubt.

    . If, out of curiosity, we were to read the literature of a known apostate, would that not be the same as inviting this enemy of true worship right into our home to sit down with us and relate his apostate ideas?


  • wanderlustguy
    I didn't realize people here submitted to the authority of the WTS. What's the point of polling by their standards? It's like being at the KH, getting judged.

    Because it's MY poll and I can use any standards I want.

    If you are catagorizing people in most cases judgement calls are required, the only question is by what standard will we judge? In this case, there is no malice...but there is a motive.

    It's not like being at the KH at all, we aren't saying one way is bad and the other good or telling other people how to think...it's supposed to be FUNNY.

    WLG PS, there is a difference between using prestated rules that someone claims to follow as a guidline, and "submitting to authority".

  • The Chuckler
    The Chuckler

    He stands up for the WT - so he prolly counts his time on here.

    Apostate - yep

  • serendipity

    I have a negative reaction to attempts at humor at the expense of other people. I'll bow out now.

  • hillbilly

    Yes..he just hasnt read the memo yet


  • GetBusyLiving

    Yeah, he's an apostate. This might sound brutal but if he isnt an apostate at this point he must be partially retarded. Everytime he's faced with a question or statement he can't refute without sounding like a total buffoon he'll simply ignore it, making it plain to see for lurkers that his Watchtower views are demonstrably shit.

    He's a welcome member of the board and get's a gold star.


  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Are there degrees of apostasy?

    Defd has crossed the line by association with us, so at the least he would be liable to disfellowship with no further ado. He has criticized the 'management team' at times - and one of the key questions used to determine loyalty is to ask if one agrees that elders are appointed by God's Holy Spirit.

    So, if he were to be honest with his elders, he would clearly face Df'ing immediately, esp when they see hundreds of his posts here.

    I doubt they would use the charge 'apostate', since that might be tough to prove as an absolute fact. But they would inform the cong that he was 'apostate in his thinking' thru the grapevine gossip system. This would assure that no one would have any dealing with him.

    I think personally, he is an apostate. And prob he meets the WTS standards for that too. I vote yes.


  • mrsjones5

    In other words (what GBL said) there's a purpose for defd being here - vastly different from what he has stated his reasons are.

  • Crumpet

    mrs jones - you are a straight talking no nonsense goddess and wanderlust woulnt post this if he didnt think defd couldnt take it. defd enjoys the wrangles here. if he ever felt hurt by us i hope he would say. i truly enjoy his presence and attempts at consistency.

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