Poll: Is DEFD an apostate?

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  • atypical

    Yes he is. Glad to have him. I think he feels compelled to always stick up for the wtbts because that's the only thing that would cover his ass if it was ever found out by the elders that he spends so much time here. If he really felt the way he says he does, what point would there be in hanging out here all the time?

    No offense Defd. Just my take on it.

  • Severus

    DEFD apostate? Yes

    I did a quick count based on WLG's standard...

    Lets say by WTS standards, remember according to the "Pay Attention" book, only conflicting beliefs are required, and by stating that the elders as a group are wrong about something, you're disagreeing with the GB because they actually set the policies i.e. the molestation issues and reporting to authorities.

    ...and the exit polls are:

    The ayes have it! YES=19 to NO=7 with DEFD abstaining.

  • jgnat

    Oh my goodness gracious! Defd is at 1,827 posts! If that isn't greediness.....

  • RichieRich

    DefD has a somewhat open mind, and a definite open mouth.

    Who can't love him?

    (except for the one time when he said that hoped I got DFd. I should've popped him for that.)

  • Legolas

    I am waiting for him to reply!

  • Crumpet

    i think he may have changed shifts so that could be why he's not replying to this thread.

    (Richie - that avatar is uber cool)!

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