Did anything violent happen at the KH or Bookstudy when you were a JW?

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  • mrsjones5

    Someone (a brother who I had known since birth) violently touched my knee at a bookstudy when I was 17. Does that count?

    I later found out that he liked me.


  • Pistoff

    A very close friend of mine was stabbed to death outside a book study in the early 70's in Springfield MO.
    The perp was a mentally unbalanced jealous would be suitor, who decided that my friend was better dead that marrying another. He came back into the book study to ask for towels to clean her up; she bled to death.
    The congregation knew that the Navy had discharged him for mental issues, but back then it was thought that spiritual help would bring him around.
    BTW, she was the sweetest, meekest person I knew.

    I miss you and love you, Dawn.

  • Confession

    I'm afraid I didn't get to experience anything violent at the KH, but a couple of bizarre things happened.

    1) A clean-cut guy walked in on the meeting in blue jeans and carrying an enormous back pack. He sat in the back. He began making comments during the WT study. From his first few comments it wasn't clear whether he was a brother or not. Eventually he commented about our not having God's favor because of allowing women to speak in the congregation. I was the guy who actually raised my hand, elaborated on the details of the scripture in question and tried to show why there should be no such objection. Uh oh...

    He stood up and began screaming. When some brothers approached him, he started jumping around the back of the hall, shouting, "Whoremongers! Whoremongers!!!"

    2) An overmedicated young sister just got up in the middle of the school, walked up to the platform and started hugging and caressing the school overseer. Can you imagine the priceless expression on his face?

  • enlightenedcynic

    Hi Everyone:

    Two incidents happened in my hall involving sisters.

    1. Two blood-related sisters who were also baptized, had a nasty arguement at their home before coming to meeting one Sunday. Seems that they didn't air everything out enough at home because when they got to the hall, during wt study, everyone hears a commotion from the rear of the hall. I turn around and see the two sisters duking it out on the floor. The younger sister had a handful of her older sister's hair and was giving her the ole 'one-two'. The older sister was desperately trying to get up off the floor. After about a minute, the elders and a few ms stepped in and broke it up but not before a bunch of coats and hangers ended up on the floor because in their struggling, the two sisters knocked down the coat racks. No one fell asleep at that wt study!!!

    2. Courtesy of a good friend who was there. Sister # 1 approaches Sister # 2 and says to her that she has heard some comments that sister # 2 has made about sister # 1's child. Sister # 2 says yeah, whatever..you are crazy and need help. Sister # 1 says I'll show you crazy, b**** and proceeds to move toward Sister # 2. My friend steps between them but not b4 a couple of slaps are landed and a bunch of screamin' could be heard. Where did this 'lovely' event take place? In the women's bathroom of the KH!!! Now that's what I call true Christian love at work....can't you just feel it?

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