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  • Cellist

    Hi one of 12.

    Welcome to the board. It's good that you've quit making excuses for them.


  • Bryan

    one of 12... welcome!

    Shunned for the last 6 years? Ah, yes... you've come to the right place!

    I'm looking forward to hearing more of your story!


    Have You Seen My Mother

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Welcome one of 12.

    I finally quit making excuses for them about two years back. This is a good place to get healed up and start to set a course for the future.

    Hope to see you often here.


  • misspeaches

    1 0f 12 (great name!) congratulations for having the guts to jump into the pool with us! It's really not so bad.

    Would love to hear more from you...

  • sass_my_frass

    Ah sweet shunning, you know it's still consuming me that shunning thing. I'll get over it one day but I'm finding a lot of light in the world in the meantime.

    Good to meet you, hope we can help somehow!

  • bigmouth

    Welcome darling.I knew you'd see things my way.Now stop wasting time on the computer.

  • MsMcDucket
    Welcome darling.I knew you'd see things my way.Now stop wasting time on the computer.

    Sounds like you two know each other. 1 of 12 I'm one of thirteen. I guess it's not that unusual in the USA. Which number child are you? I'm the 7th daughter and the 10th child.

  • jwfacts

    Great to hear from you. Your story has me intrigued. You are shunned for mental illness? Does that mean you are not d/f. It would be great to hear the details. I hope being here makes you feel better.

  • Undecided

    Welcome one of 12. My mother was one of 13 and the only one to become a JW. I have a lot of first cousins, don't even know them all. All my dads family were JWs including cousins but none on my mother's side.

    When I was a kid we never celebrated Christmas with them on the 25th. but would always go see them the day after and get our gifts. We always enjoyed that. They are all dead except two aunts and two uncles.

    I would like to hear more of your story, if you would like to reveal it.

    Ken P.

  • YoursChelbie


    Feel free to express yourself here.


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