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    one of 12

    Thanks for the warm welcome, almost overwhelming. To fwfacts; no I'm not d'f. I was just looking after a sick hubby(severe depression) and six young children 1/2 hour from KH, on a sickness benefit, and was too exhausted to make all the meetings. One day I got a phone call from my mother which was nothing short of abusive, accusing me of attention seeking because there was nothing wrong with my hubby that she could see. You see we had lived 1400 km away and we had travelled to their home town for some support that they had promised. It took us two years to save up to return to our own home again.All this time i was getting to at least one meeting a week with most of the kids and had even pioneered one month during that time. When we returned to our own home, we left without telling my Mum and Dad. Every time we had been to visit them my mum would get me upset with all the things I was doing wrong and what the kids and hubby should and shouldn't be doing. I had kept in touch with one sister who has been d'f but reinstated since we moved back but that has dried up also. "You will know my disciples if they have love among themselves" yeah right!

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